Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The One With All the Milk Bottles


Guess what? I finished all my assessment, as of yesterday!

Yesterday were my Chinese reading and writing tests, which I thought were okay, and now...I get to do nothing!
It's actually so weird- I'm like, super bored, which is so strange considering that whenever I actually have stuff to do, I'm always finding new ways to procrastinate. Or pronate, depending on whether or not you're up with the chat speak. My version of chat speak, that is.

I'm also going to Indonesia in exactly one week! And.....semi in 3 days! :) It's actually so weird, I used to be like, super excited for the semi but now I'm just like, chill. I am super excited for Indonesia though.

Banana choc-chip crepes, here I come.

Oh gosh, now I'm craving crepes.

oh, gosh.
Diem's sleeping over after the semi though, and we'll probably make crepes! LOL we've been like mega-craving them all week. fdnjsdnbfghsdgy so good when we had them at tet last year. 

So, in case you weren't already aware, I lost my phone like, two months ago, and yesterday my mum finally got sick of having to always lend me her phone and totally bought me a new one!

this one but slightly different

And yeah.....been getting quite a few tests back too, but I'll just choose to not comment on that :)

Now here's a picture of two milk bottles.

Okay just changed the title of this post from '1week' to 'The One With All the Milk Bottles'. I actually think that I might make these friends-themed blog titles a tradition...maybe for just the posts that I can't think of a title for?

There's something to think about.



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