Sunday, July 1, 2012

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Guess what?
I'm totally in Jakarta right now :) :) :)

Okay so heaps of stuff has happened to I'll just update you day by day.

26 June 2012

AKA plane day. Basically, spent the whole day on a plane.
/fun times

And guess what? Apparently Sonja's constant complaints about how I have made her scared of flying have made me scared of flying again. WHAT EVEN.
The whole trip I'm literlly like



I would upload photos now but I'm using my aunty's mobile internet and it's super slow...maybe tomorrow.

So basically on the 26th, first we took flew from Brisbane to Sinapore, waited at Singapore airport for a few hours then flew from Singapore to Jakarta!

27 June 2012

On the 27th.....we spent a lot of time on the road.

Basically what we did was drove to this little town to drop off my little cousin Dhamma at this 10 day Buddhist camp thing then drove to Bandung (purely to shop, because the shopping there is super awesome). 

But we stayed at the little town with the Buddhist for aggggggeees, so while Dhamma and my aunty were getting all settled in and stuff, my mum and I just basically walked around the place taking photos and chatting to people (my mum more than me, due to my limited Indonesian vocabulary range. AKA i suck)

After about two hours there, we continued on to Bandung! By the time we got there it was actually pretty late because we'd stopped for lunch and all that.

Also, our lunch break was pretty cool.
It was at this random twon which I can't even remember the name of, and we basically ate at this little restaurant on the side of the road. On the car ride before we dropped of Dhamma, we (him in particular) kept pointing out these things called 'Delman', which is basically this Indonesian horse and carriage thing but a tad less classy.

Wait, I'll google image it. I also hve photos when I manage to upload them.
Like that, but even LESS classy

Anyway, so when we stopped, we ordered our food from this restaurant then it was taking a while for our food to come, so my mum and I went out the the road to see if we could hail one of the Delmans so we could ride it for a bit. (just BTW, there are  LOT of motorcycles on Indonesian Roads, just saying.)
So, it took us a while but managed to hail one, and we rode it round a few blocks (Indonesian roads are also super bumpy, especially when you're in a *stable* cart like a Delman. And by *stable* i mean unstable, in case you didn't get that.)

So...yes, yes, yes, we got to Bandung eventaully at about 4:30, and went straight to this outlet store (we came here to shop. what up.)
Seriously, this store was a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

Practically everything they sold was branded (okay, like 50%), but okay.

- It was Indonesian, which automatially knocks off about half the price
- It was an outlet store (knock off another half)
- They had these huge sales

And dum dum dum daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa SUPER CHEAP EVERYTHING. :) :) :)

[lol okay i accidentally just published before I was done]

Like, they were still expensive for Indonesian clothes, but I live in expensive town (I am referring to Australia, just in case that caused any confuson), so they seemed super cheap to me XD)

So I bought heaps of stuff.......................................................and time for next day :)

28 June 2012

The day before yesterday.

Basically, we shopped all day.

Wait, here's something I found on the Banduing page of Wikipedia.

In the 1990s, local designers opened denim clothing stores along Cihampelas Street which transformed into a "jeans street". The city attracts people from other big cities to buy local fashion wears, as they are cheaper than branded items.[26] Beside at Cihampelas Street, many factory outlets also opened at Riau Street, Setiabudi Street, and Djuanda Street (known as Dago).

Yeah...so on the 28th we first went to more outlet stores, then went along jeans street.
By the way. Jean street? NOTHING like you would expect.

It was actually not the most pleasant street you've ever walked down...

Okay, so here's jeans street in a few dot points:
- Super crowded. Like mroe crowded than any other street, ever. Like Queen Street Mall times about 50. The care were literally moving about 1km per hour, when they were moving at all.
- The shops all sold pretty good stuff, except some of the shops themselves were a bit dodgy.
- Beggars. It was actually really sad, because there were SO many beggars. Like, the streets were literally just lined with them. And they would walking around shaking cups in front of them and some were holding crying babies :(
And the thing is, they would literally come up to you, tap you on the shoulder and start saying stuff in Indonesian which I didn't understand at the time, but I later found out from my mum that they were like, saying how they needed it to buy food and stuff.

But yeah.....so that's jeans street for you...

THEN. that night, I ate something (still not sure exactly what), and got food poisoning from it, which really sucked. I literally vomited almost 50 times during the night and didn't sleep at all :(

29 June 2012


So yesterday...I was sick, basically.

We had to drive back to Jakarta, and I vomited like 10 times in the car (in a plastic bag, of course).....and that was basically my emtire day.

Got back to the house, slept.

I literally ate nothing all day except for a couple of spoonfuls of rice and a couple of ginger lollies.

The maid here also gave me a massage, which always helps :)

Yeah okay.

30 June 2012


This morning when I woke up, I wasn't feeling as sick as before but I literally couldn't even stand up without feeling super tired, so I slept a bit more.....

Then I was feeling a bit better so I woke up and my mum ordered this person to come and give us mani-pedis :) :) :)

So that was pretty cool......

Hopefully, tomorrow I'll move to my cousins' house cause I'm geting better now. Except in the morning, we're planning on going to my grandfather's grave then order someone for massages.

So jaaaaaaaaaa!
If I move to my cousins' house tomorrow, then I'll be able to do a photo diary! :)

Two more things.....


- I got my piano exam results back by email and got a B+ ! (and apparently was only 2 marks away from getting an honours XD). I was super happy with that considering that I legitimately thought that I was going to fail.

Yeah okay, I've been typing for ages now.

(Hopefully) will blog again tomorrow!



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