Saturday, July 7, 2012

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Heey y'all!

So I've got 4 days to cover in this post.....okay, I was planning on posting last night seeing as I had anticipated a night of nothingness due to the fact that Emily and Christal had both ditched me for a farewell sleepover and a choir competition in Bandung respectively. LOL what even was with my last sentence...

Anyway, in conclusion, I didn't update.

3 July 2012

Daniel's birthday.

On the 3rd, it was my brother's birthday, except we didn't really do anything to celebrate it because we were planning on doing something the next day. So basically this day was spent bumming round Pakubuwono and not doing very much. It was really fun though.

At about midday, Emily, Christal and I went to the playground for a bit, which was pretty fun, but Emily got bored and left early, so Christal and I hung out for a bit more then went to the store and bought this big bag full of junk food :)
We also got a box of Pringles for Daniel because none of us had bought him a birthday present yet.

4 July 2012

My half-birthday.

On the 4th, we had big plans to go...bowling. THAT'S RIGHT. buuuuuuuttttttttttt after we drove there, we found out that th bowling alley was closed. So we drove home and spent the rest of the day doing nothing.
In the car, we did watch Johnny English though (it was a pretty long drive and we drove a couple other places as well) and it's actually such a hilarious movie. Like, I wanna watch it again and that doesn't happen to me with movies that much.

That night,  we had Daniel's birthday dinner! Which I forgot to bring my camera to!
It was really yummy though- I had fettuccine carbonara. We also had this amaaaaazeballs dessert which was this chocolate volcano cake, and this even more amaaaaaaaaaaazeballs birthday cake.
I'm not even kidding- the cake was so cool.
It was like, an iPod.
Wait, I think Emily posted a picture.

is that not the coolest cake you've seen in your life?


5 July 2012

On the next day.....Emily and I went to Grand Indonesia to shop!!

We were actually there because Emily needed to find a dress for this farewell party which she is currently at, and I didn't end u buying any clothes, but I did get some accessories; 2 rings, a bracelet and a pair of earrings. 

We also ate starbucks and went to this cafe which sold rainbow cake...

6 July 2012


okay. Yesterday midday, Emily and I went swimming. (Christal went to Bandung the day before for this choir competition) I would go into more detail about the swimming but it's not very interesting.

Okay, I should probably mention this.

I recently got Emily and Christal addicted to F.R.I.E.N.D.S., which marks 6 people that I've gotten into the show (wooooo for me). 
Except Emily doesn't like Monica.
Which I am attempting to comprehend.
All the characters are so amazing!

Ahh well.
I'm sure she'll come around :)

And in the mean time, here are some photos!

That afternoon, Emily went to her friend's farewell party, and that night I basically spent a few hours finding hilarious meme's on quickmeme with James.
I didn't save any when I was finding them, but here are a few I found now.

Sudden Clarity Clarence

Socially Awesome Awkward Penguin

Socially Awesome Awkward Penguin



Lame Pun Coon

Lame Pun Coon

Anti-Joke Chicken

Anti-Joke Chicken

Anti-Joke Chicken

Anti-Joke Chicken

Anti-Joke Chicken

LOL okay that was heaps...

More tonight, probably.



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