Friday, July 27, 2012

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So I come to you almost two weeks after returning from Indonesia with my Indonesia 4 post! I'll probably split this into an Indonesia 4 post and an Indonesia 5 post because there are a LOT of pictures.

So the night before we went to Jogja, we went to church. My cousins' church is actually so different to Australian churches, I'm not even kidding. It was this special teens service, and it was like a socializing group which talked about God. Like, we had to split into groups and wrote stuff that we could do to help people, etc, etc.

our list

my cousins' friends :)

Flight from Jakarta to Jogja

at the airport

Palace in Solo

Welcome mat.


Carriage that held the royal family.

Rice grinder thing.

Prambanan Temple!

I later found out that those things that we're leaning on that go all around are, in my mum's words, 'A male sex organ stuck on top of a female sex organ'.

Inside the temple.


Inside of a different tower.

It's getting pretty late now so I'll do the rest of the days tomorrow.



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