Monday, July 16, 2012

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Non-Clothes Purchases


I realise that I haven't uploaded my holiday diary yet...mainly because I cbf. But instead, here are most of my  purchases discluding clothes and jewellery because all of them are a bit hard to locate :)

wooden becak

my super cool batik jogja hat

a present from Dhamma!

bag from a market

a model of the bell shaped things of Borobudur with the buddha inside that I bought from a market. I was totally proud of my bargaining with this one- got it from 50,000rp to 15,000rp. :)

my new cross necklace!

another bag from a market

this Indonesian traditional massage-healing-thing.

Lipstick was cheap there. Got them both for about equivalent AU$9.

pens for ma frans.

bracelets...for ma frans.

wrap-around batik skirt.

batik shirt.

pencil case.


this batik print stamp that this guy stamped my paper with while we were at the batik factory.

batik scarf.


another wallet. or coin purse if that's what you prefer.

another wallet.

a nice looking belt.

skirt for Diem.

shirts for ma frans.

DVDs were cheeeeap.

my bongo drum that I got from the airport for about AU$4.50

bracelets from outside Prambanan.

key-rings for ma frans.

bookmarks for ma frans.


this toy this which makes these really loud noises when you shake it.

traditional Indonesian puppet.

Hopefully I'll bring you my holiday diary tomorow!
Although school is starting, which kinda sucks.




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