Sunday, July 15, 2012

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Well, um.....I'm at Singapore.
We left Jakarta this morning and tonight are going to Brisbane and arrive tomorrow morning!

I'm actually really not looking forward to the flight because I have decided that I strongly dislike planes.

Anyway, I haven't updated in over a week because I've been touring Java :) So we stayed overnight at three different cities during the week; Yogya, Muntilan and Semarang, except we drove between them so we stopped at heaps of cities in between to visit places and eat and stuff.

Basically, all week we went to heaps of cultural places like temples, galleries, markets, etc and did some shopping! I didn't actually buy that many clothes because clothes are actually kinda expensive here, which is so weird considering how cheap everything else is.
Like, for example, I bought a bottle of Sprite for 3,000rp which is like, 30 cents Australian.

Then loool at the airport I had heaps of rupiah left over (which is pretty useless in Australia0 so i basically went round buying everything :) Like I got this wooden model of a becak, this bongo drum, this Indonesian dancer puppet, these pens, these bookmarks, this thing which makes a funny noise when you spin it (not quite sure why I got that)...basically just on a spree to get rid of all my money :) WHICH ARE THE BEST KIND OF SPREES, MIGHT I ADD.

Okay back to Yogya. I took a ridiculous amount of photos (I'm actually a bit worried that they won't load on my computer) and actually kept a diary while I was there, which is good because all the places had Indonesian names which I don't think I would remember otherwise.

PS. I TOTALLY LEARNT HOW TO BARGAIN IN INDONESIAN. For those of you who don't know, when you buy things from people in markets and stuff in Indonesia, the prices aren't set or anythinng. And my Indonesian vocabulary range is pretty limited, so I was pretty proud of myself when I actually managed to get things to like, a quarter of their original prices :)

After we got home from Semarang (the last place we went), we stayed at Jakarta for 2 nights, and yesterday I went out with Emily, Christal and Daniel to shop for DVDs and jewellery.
Which reminds me.
I've been into really weird jewellery lately...like right now I'm wearing a necklace with a phone on it. Like, one of those olden day dial phones. And the handset is removable.
It's actually so cool though.

I also lost my gold cross necklace, so while we were at Yogya I bought anew one, except it's black and silver instead of gold.


Gonna see if I can upload the photos from last week onto facebook.
*********Hopefully*********** they'll load.



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