Friday, August 17, 2012

athletics and ekka


I haven't posted in a few days because I slept over at Diem's for a couple of nights XD

Anyways, on Tuesday was our athletics carnival. I actually participated this year- actually, when I'm there I usually do participate but last year we didn't go.
But yuppp. I was in the 4X100m relay (originally with Sonja, Diem and Sabi but Sabi was sick so we ran it with Jen instead) and I was also the reserve for the 100m run.

I live pretty near the stadium, so I got driven there in the morning and it was actually so sad, because I managed to arrive about 10 seconds before the bus came, and I didn't know where to go so I ended up just standing there at the top of this hill awkwardly while all the buses drove past...the subtly joined the group...

Great story Nicole.


It was actually really sad, because I was the reserve for the 100m, and heaps of people were away. Then they asked me to run in Div 1 which is like fdgnnrdstngtrehne for fast people. And if you know me at all, then you will know that I literally walk up like, 3 stairs and I'll be puffing.
But I was the reserve, so I agreed, then right before I was about to race they were like 'yeah you can't run because you don't have the form' then I was like 'what form' and yeah long story short, I didn't run.

BUT I did run the relay, and we actually came 5th. WE DIDN'T LOSE.

We were actually hoping to get a bit of lift from our capes, but we had no such luck.


After athletics, Sonja and I went to sleepover at Diem's house!

We had sooo much food it was ridiculous. 


Photo: Fooooooooood http://instagr.am/p/OTeWK4s3Op/

And we had this game of pool. LOOOL it was actually one of the funniest games of pool I've played ever. It was Diem and I against Sonja and Thanh. Diem and I were losing, but then Sonja kept hitting our balls in so we ended up with only the black and white balls and both teams were just trying to get it in. THEN Sonja hit the white ball in! But while we were celebrating, Thanh switch the balls (they were both different shades of white. Or grey if that's what you'd prefer) and we were like ..................what........................
but yeah.
we won.

We also watched Keeping Up With the Kardashians cause it's just a great and addictive show, and we also watched Bridesmaids except I fell asleep for like, half an hour in the middle of it so missed a whole chunk. 

The next day we all went to Ekka!
We went last year, and it was pretty much the same, so we didn't stay all day and left at about three-ish. While there we spent like, an hour at the animal place feeding baby goats and stuff, then went on the chair swing (because they're totally awesome) and into the haunted house (okay, it was terrifying. Well, I made a point to scream the whole way to avoid any surprises, but they somehow got me anyway. Especially the chainsaw guy. THE OTHERS KNEW HE WAS COMING, SO THEY ALL RAN THROUGH AND I WAS BEHIND THEM. SO THEY GUY WAS LIKE *TURNS AROUND* *GOES FOR ME*). Thennnnn we went to the show-bag place and i got four show-bags- the caramello koala one, the freddo frog one, the zappo one and the Madison one. :)

Then we ate and stuff then left.

And yeahh.
I slept over at Diem's again.....and we went to church which was in Viet so I didn't understand anything, but oh well.

OOTD for church

MOTD for yesterday
Soto betawi

Today we went to this maths lecture day at UQ- I'll probably post about today in tomorrow's post though.



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