Monday, August 13, 2012



I know, it's been a couple of days since I've updated y'all (I posted yesterday, but that was for the day before).

Anyway, so my mum's cousin Tony and his wife Ruka came over from Japan, and yesterday we went out to have lunch at this Chinese restaurant with them :)
I actually really love Chinese food. Okay, just Asian food in general, so it's actually pretty convenient that it makes up about 70% of my diet.

I'm also still sick, except it didn't get as bad as I thought it would.
It's actually really weird- I don't really sleep more than 5-6 hours per night ever (except on Saturday nights, wooooooo), and I eat...basically no fruit, so I get sick quite often. But then while I'm sick I sleep all day and eat a million fruits per second and get better quickly.

It's actually quite a convenient system.

Here are some pictures from yesterday...



fried rice and century egg congee

strawberries and cream!

Today was basically just a normal day...we got our Maths B assignment though, and I was alerted to the fact that our English is apparently due next Monday.
Which really sucks, considering all I've done since the intro was done this morning, in two lots at 1am and 7am.

Ahh well, I asked my teacher about it and she said it was all g so I guess all's g.

After school I had tutor, and I basically just spent the whole time sketching pictures of a wine glass on the board for my Maths B. 

Now I know you wanna see some pictures.

an organised one

athletics tomorrow!

joy was keen.

selfie cause yolo

tell me you wouldn't drink your wine out of that.

or that.


Tomorrow is the athletics carnival! #SuperPumped
Then on Wednesday, I'm going to the Ekka with Diem and Sonja! (WOO)



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