Friday, August 31, 2012

Once a Blue Moon


So I haven't been posting much, and my sincere apologies for that. I also apologise for the text heavy blob that is this post.

Assessment's really starting to build up at school- We had our Maths B assignment due on Wednesday, an English short-story draft is due on Monday (May I just add, that this is probably the most proactive I've ever been for a piece of assessment. I have three more days, and I'm already past halfway. And that's only the draft.) and stand down is starting the week after next week. I also have a Chinese Listening Test this Friday. Chinese Listening tests are always the tests that I'm most nervous for, and always do the worst on. See, the thing is, I have an extremely short concentration span (possibly due to my lack of sleep...) (I've also recently learnt that doing this: ... is very me.) (I learnt that from my piano teacher) and listening tests require me to be very alert the whole time and write down all the information given, and half the time I zone out during the first reading then get super stressed cause there's only one more :( I also write super slowly, which doesn't help things...but anyway, today we did a practise listening test, and I actually got most things (everything except 3. WHO NEEDS TO KNOW IF THE STORE WAS HAVING A 50% OFF SALE FOR LAST SEASON'S CLOTHES ANYWAY. AND WHO NEEDS TO KNOW IF THOSE SHOES WERE SUITABLE FOR SOME RANDOM. AND WHO NEEDS TO KNOW IF YOU PAY CASH OR NOT), which has left me feeling pretty confident.

This week was also one of my sleepiest weeks yet. See, I left my Maths B assignment reeeeally late to do, and the three nights before it was due I was up until 3 and beyond working on it (lol sabi has since become my study friend as she apparently also stays up that late every night). This week was also (inconveniently) the Intermediate Strings Festival which is an annual festival where a few of the surrounding schools get together and form this massive orchestra. It's actually my favourite festival, because the songs we play are really cool and the teachers have this tradition of dressing up to suit the theme of the song. Like for example, this year our last song was a compilation of a few Lady Gaga songs, and the teacher from one of the other schools got all dressed up as Lady Gaga :) Usually it's the male teachers from our school and next door who dress up though (two years ago they were batman and robin, last year they were the beach boys ALONG WITH FAKE ABS AND EVERYTHING), so we were all expecting them to cross-dress but LOOOL our teacher was like 'yeah, I have limits'. Ahhh that would have been so funny though!

Anyway, so we had rehearsals for the concert on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, and Wednesday was the concert. They actually provide pizza for everyone to eat, except Sonja, Sabi and I all forgot out pizza money so while everyone else was eating, we basically just bummed around the school. And, we also created the most epic recording you've ever heard in your life. It was basically us singing our parts for the Lady Gaga song a cappella style (it's so convenient- Sabi is first violin, I'm second violin and Sonja is viola, so we had one of each part minus cello and bass) and it sounds SO COOL. It's on Sabi's phone, and I'll upload it here when she posts it.

So yeahh...the concert went really well (it sounded so good, literally the whole time I was like 'why am i not recording this why am i not recording this').

Today, I had tennis after school and we were beaten...quite miserably. Apparently, the girl we were versing is like, 600th in the world or something and LOL literally every time she served i was like 'woah what where'd that ball go'. So YAAAAAAAAAA!

Please enjoy these meals of the week XD

Last Sunday, we went out for sushi :)

Udon noodle soup from that same meal...


more soosheh.

spinach pizza. i love spinach pizza.


lunch today! japanese-style barramundi with rice and apple isle XD

And that's all for now...




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