Sunday, August 5, 2012

Open Day!

Yeah okay, I hardly ever update anymore…partially because my computer’s gone all weird and keeps switching off randomly then refusing to turn on and partially because I recently decided to start studying and that actually takes up quite a bit of time.
Also, I’m pretty lazy. LOL three weeks since I came back from Indonesia and I’m still not fully updated. (I really want to though cause this is basically my collective log of everything).

Anyways, this week not much actually happened. It’s only week three, but assessment’s coming up already L
Here are just a couple of pictures from this week;

piano-ing with sabi


Emily's drawing of me from Chinese.

Then on Thursday night, I made cupcakes for the Mackay stall, because open day was on Friday! I actually love open day so much, it’s a big ridiculous. My icing turned out yellow because I decided to just use the white wings icing in the pack instead of getting Betty Crocker like they told us too…but oh well. Still tasted good. (I actually did buy one of my own, what up)

Andddddd…….*dramatic drumroll* *nice alliteration Nicole* *drumroll….*
Friday was Open Day!!!
I think I mentioned just before, but I love open day so much. It’s just like…food day. But with even more food. School finished at 2 (another thing I love about open day), and we all went and helped set up the Mackay stall by setting up the table and getting the cupcakes ready. I actually had a music lesson but managed to change it, yay for me.

the room with the cupcakes.

After that, we went to the maths place and Sonja and I had a couple of games of chess. Ahhh it was actually quite sad- I’m pretty sure that the last time either of us had played was when we versed each other at open day the year  before…so we both kinda sucked. I won both games though. And got free toffee. Yay for me.

my second victory. 

Our shift on the stall wasn’t until 5:30, so we basically just went round for a couple of hours eating everything and checking out different places.

fake snow for the year 8 Mackay place.

the year 8 Mackay place.

the science place.
And yeeeaaaaahhh XD
At 5:30, we had our shift at the Mackay stall selling cupcakes! I actually really liked it, loool they had this massive cupcake and like 375832784624563457975 other ones. If you saw my picture before of the room with all the cupcakes in it. We also got to sell some to some year 8s who are coming in next year and stamp their card things. Although I didn't stamp any sad face. or :(, if you wanna be conventional. 

lolol reminds me of this email one of my teachers sent me that went something like this;

Remember to bring morning tea for the match tomorrow.
Don't forget or you'll be judged :(


We basically stayed on the Mackay stall until it was time to go to our violin performance, which began at 6:30. THEN at 7 I had a shift at the tennis stall which LOL basically consisted of me sitting there for 20 minutes eating this lolly skewer which I bought just before then leaving cause the tennis captain came and was like 'oh yeah I'll take over now'. THEN at 7:30 I had another shift at the Mackay stall and bought this box of cupcakes for like, $6. We basically just sold out then started carrying all the boxes that used to hold the cupcakes back to the Main Building. Not as fun as the first shift, but oh well.

Now brace yourselves for some nice pictures stolen off other people's blogs slash facebooks.

And yeahhhh!
Lots of stuff coming up this next week...but I'll try to update as much as possible.



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