Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Little Vision of Sun in the End


Just as a note, I now title my posts with somehow relevant song lyrics if I have nothing else to title them. This just saves me from having to title them 'this past week' or 'chinese'.

Speaking of Chinese, my listening test is tomorrow. I actually hate listening tests so much- like, they're probably the one test that I get most nervous about out of everything because like, if you miss it, you miss it. And I happen to have a concentration span of about 10 minutes. AND THE TEST USUALLY GOES LONGER THAN THAT.

I should really just sleep more...

But yeah. Stand down is also next week, which I normally would be excited about except some time this term, I must have made the unconscious decision to not study, and now I'm a tad screwed.
This actually happens every term, and you'd think that I would have learnt my lesson by now, but apparently not.

Anyway, my physics test is on Tuesday (I have Monday off!) and last weekend I realised that I didn't know everything and had neglected it all term, so I started doing about 2 hours a night. I haven't done anything tonight yet though...nor have I studied Chinese which I'm kind of prioritizing.,,

After school today I had an optometrist appointment and found out that my left eye's been getting worse :( I did get new glasses though, which is a bonus. And LOL my optometrist was an old grammar girl and apparently there are like, heaps of teachers still there now who taught her about ten years ago.

Then...I came home and saw this thing that was like 'WHAT DOES MAYIM BIALIK REALLY LOOK LIKE' then I was like 'interesting'.
THEN I researched Sheldon Cooper.
THEN I researched eidetic memory.
THEN I researched savants for ages.
THEN I realised that I was learning all this useless trivia so researched 'useless trivia'.

Oh btw- I have a new blog with Diem and Thanh- Three of a Kind - which is inspired by NeverSeconds and is where I'll be posting and rating my food from now on.

I also realise that my posts recently have been incredibly text-heavy.
My sincere apologies.

Here are some pictures:



✧ pastel+fashion ✧



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