Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Hey guys!

Hopefully this post won't be too long, because for some reason I'm super tired right now (not actually for some reason; I only got like 5 hours last night but yeah okay).

I think I mentioned in an earlier post that today, I had three appointments lined up; the first one was a skin doctor appointment, followed by an allergist, followed by an orthodontist.

Basically here's what I got from those:
- My skin's level of sun damage is 'a lot less than average'
- I am no longer allergic to walnuts! Although am still allergic to everything else.
- My tooth surgery is no longer next Thursday, but the Thursday after, apparently.
- I have to have these uncomfortable bands in between my teeth until then.

Also, apologies in advance for the gross photos.

Here's a photo of a skirt I just ordered before they come though:

Purely so the next one won't appear as the loading pic.

For the allergy text, he put all these drops of things which I might be allergic to on my arm, then pricked holes in them and if I was allergic, they would swell up.
And omfg it was so itchy when it swelled up.
This was taken after I got home, like an half an hour-ish later.

Then at the orthodontist, he put these bands in. You can kinda see them in this picture, there's 8 in my mouth and they seriously made it so annoying to eat, but I will *apparently* get used to them soon.

And this is what happens when you shine the webcam at the computer.

Tomorrow I'm going to the Gold Coast for a couple of nights...which I really should pack for soon except I'm sooo tireddddddddd.
I'm not sure if I have internet access while I'm over there, so I may or may not be updating this blog. I've posted so much this month though, I really don't see that as a problem.
LOL these days I'm literally posting about three times a day. Granted, today's first couple of posts were just alerting you to the fact that I now have a Contact Me page and a Pointless Survey, which you should all go an fill out!

I've also been reading Jasper Jones, which is the book that we're studying next term for English, and it's actually really, really good. Like, I really don't read much- this is actually the first book I've read this year- but yeah, it's really, really good. I would recommend it.

I'll probably end up posting tomorrow before I go to the Gold Coast, because I'm just like that, but if not, and assuming that I don't have internet while over there, have a nice and blogless-unless-you-read-other-blogs-which-you-probably-do few days!



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