Saturday, September 8, 2012

Biding My Time


Not gonna lie, I really like my new theme- it's really simple, and I wish that I could personalize it a bit, but I think it's nice :)

And I'm also seriously considering starting a page called 'Things that Piss Me Off'. Okay, it sounds really weird but it's technically not my idea- it's Courteney Cox's. If I can locate the interview, I'll link it but basically she was on Ellen (I think) in the mid-ish 90s and is listing stuff that pisses her off then decides that she should really just write a book about it. I would honestly love to read that book, but it never actually happened nor do I think it will ever happen. So I'll just have to make my own :) :) :)

Apologies in advance for not having many photos- I forgot my camera and didn't have anything to photograph even if I were to remember it.....it's all g, I'll include a dodgy selfie at the end.

So today was my Chinese Listening Test- it was actually okay, like...I think I got everything. THINK. Some of my answers were a bit dodgy, but for the most part it was okay. This is actually such a relief, I get so nervous for listening it's a but sad.
Today was also the last school day before stand down, and this is what my stand down looks like this term [NB: number of O's in NOOOOO indicated my level of screwed-ness]:

Tuesday: Physics Exam (NOOOOOOO)
Wednesday morning: Maths B Exam (NOOOO)
Wednesday afternoon: (NOOOOO)
Thursday: Chemistry Exam (NOO)
Next Monday: Maths C Exam (NOOO)

It actually kinda sucks that I have exams on three days in a row, although at least I don't needa go in on Monday and Friday, which is a big plus.
We also booked our tickets for our trip to Singapore and Indonesia at the end of the year, and this time we're going for almost a whole month!

LOLOL I effectively will spend about a sixth of my time in South-East Asia this year :) Which is cool cause I like it there. 

And that sounds like it for today...made 10 friends confessions...yeah.....

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