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Okay, so by the time I'm done with this post, it'll probably be past midnight and appear as another day, BUT THIS IS THE SECOND POST TODAY.

Really, I'm just bored and procrastinating, but I'll pass it off as dedication to this blog.

So you probably know that I'm an admin on friends confessions, which is great and all except I never get a chance to reply to the confessions, and a lot of the ones I publish I don't really agree with.

So......I'll reply to them here :)

These are all unpublished...and there are a bazillion in the ask right now so they might never end up getting published but bleh.

"I dislike the fact that Monica and Chandler married in a two-episode special, as well as Ross And Rachel(Las vegas) and Ross and Emily,and Phoebe didnt, she got married in a regular ep...I also dislike the fact that Phoebe didnt hav the triplets in a two episode special, what happened to Rachel and the day Erica and Jack were born"
Okay, I've seen quite a lot like this. I think the reason Phoebe's wedding wasn't given as much focus as the others is because it was so close to the end of the series, and also it wasn't with two friends like most of the others. Also, it wasn't a season finale which were almost all double episodes. Something people don't necessarily realise as well is that in the double episodes, there were always two or three story-lines going on at once, while Phoebe's was all centered around her. With the birth of the triplets- they weren't even her babies. They were given the 100th episode too, which is pretty special. Rachel/Ross's and Monica/Chandler's were both season finales as well (particularly Monica and Chandler's which was the end of the whole show). If anything, I would say that it was weird that the other friends didn't go to the hospital when Jack and Erica were born, although I understand that they were probably all stressed with helping move and everything.

eventhough there are many confessions about how joey or phoebe are the "glue" of the group,i think monica actually is.i mean rachel knew HER thats how she got into the group and they were always hanging out at monica's apartment
People always tend to say that their favourite character is the 'glue that holds this group together', except honestly, I think that Rachel really did have a point when she said that Phoebe really lifted out of the group. I mean, I love Phoebe and Joey and the show definitely wouldn't be the same without them, except when you think about it- if they weren't there, the other five still would be. Monica is the glue because without her, what group would it even be? Chandler/Ross/Joey might still be friends (Ross and Joey probably wouldn't be as close friends though because Ross wouldn't have a sister living across the hall from Joey) but Phoebe and Rachel wouldn't even know anyone. Every single person in the group was brought in by Monica except for Joey.

I wonder if any of cast members had romantic feelings for another at some point.
Matteney Matteney Matteney Matteney Matteney Matteney Matteney.
I'm sorry, but as great as Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox are, no one is THAT great at acting in love without any feelings being there.
LOL and Matthew said at the start that he'd had feelings for all three of the girls.

To be perfectly honest, Friends is one of the few shows where I didn't have any complaints. Like, I just love everything in the series; the characters, the story lines, everything. While other people may dislike some things, to me, Friends was perfect.
So this basically sums up my entire life.

I never forgave Ross for sleeping with somebody else, there was no valid excuse for it and the fact that he was going to hide it from her made it even worse. Rachel had every right to be as mad as she was.
Okay, what Ross did was definitely wrong- even if he did think that they were broken up, it was a bit insensitive of him to sleep with someone a few hours later, except I do take his side in the whole 'we were on a break' debate. Because the thing was, he really did think that they were broken up, and he obviously really loved her and wasn't thinking straight. I also think it's a bit strange to completely change your opinion of someone over one action, but that's just me.

I am so glad Phoebe ended up with Mike and not David!
Phoebe/Mike or Phoebe/David. I don't even know!
I love Mike...but then I love David...
You know what? Phoebe just have very good taste in men. Well, that's not necessarily true, she did 'attract some stinkers' (LOL can't resist the opportunity to place a friends quote in there), but for the most part.

The best friendship in the show was that of Phoebe and Rachel.
Phoebe and Rachel? Why Phoebe and Rachel?
I honestly don't think Phoebe and Rachel were that close. Well, they were in that they were best friends and all that, but out of the group they would probably be who I would pick as being one of the duos that I think weren't as close as the rest. That's not to say that they weren't close- they were- but maybe not as close as Rachel/Monica or Phoebe/Joey. Their interactions were fairly average too, in my opinion.

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