Thursday, September 20, 2012

Even Free-er


Remember how a couple of days ago I was getting all excited cause I was free from assessment and all that?

Then remember yesterday when I said that it was the second last day of school?

And remember that...

idk. Today was the last day of school, and I just forgot how my leading into that was getting me there.


No more school for two weeks! #gottalovelife

And now please enjoy a super quick recap of this term!

.....so it turns out not much happened this term.....

Anyways, I'm now bracing myself for the holidays :)

Plans for the two weeks include: 
- Out for lunch tomorrow with Diem
- Clean my room sometime
- Various appointments such as dentist, doctor, allergist, which as you can tell, I'm very excited about
- Alice's party on Sunday
- Couple of days at the Gold Coast!
- Reading my English novel, Jasper Jones (which I started today and is actually really interesting. The first 26 pages are, anyway)
- Going out with various people for various purposes, mostly food.
- Getting a crack on my physics EEI, which is totally going to happen. Wasn't even sarcasm.
- Getting my driving hours up.
- Attempting to turn my current English non-story into something passable.
- Playing tennis with Sabi, which we have been planning forever and should really happen sometime soon.
- Getting annoyed because of school starting.
- Realising that it's the last term and getting excited for Christmas.

Gonna be a great holiday! #pumped

Now here's a new dreams section which I will be adding onto my posts when I have a dream worth documenting, which is almost never.

Sweet Dreams
 Last night, I had a dream where I met Matthew Perry. And it wasn't all weird like my other dreams where we were suddenly biffles or anything-it was actually like, realistic. So this IMAX theater in America was having this special viewing thing (on rocks or something interesting like that) but they were attracting heaps of people because they mentioned having a couple of celebrity guests to talk to the crowd after the viewing. Anyway, I went there because I really wanted to see the show, and took ages to find my seat (because it's IMAX and you don't wanna be straining your beck too much) then this random MC guy at the front was like psyching the crowd up for it, and I noticed that Matthew Perry was sitting in the front row, and that he was probably the aforementioned celebrity guest. Anyways, so then I started to freak out, and I was like 'well, I'm not getting this close to meeting him then just sit and not say anything', so I went up. So (LOL okay this bit's weird but it's probably exactly what would happen in real life) I went up to him and was like 'can i have a huggg' then he was like 'sure' then lol it was all awkward cause the entire theater was watching (he was in the front row). And I remember that I was really shaking...and might or might not have fainted. Then I was like 'can I have a photo with you?' to which he replied, 'do you have a camera?'. The I was like 'yeah, I'll just go get it from my seat', then DREAM END, but I assume you got the picture. It was actually so exciting.

Now would be a really great time to discover that my dreams are prophetic. 



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