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Favourite Moments


I realise that it might be past midnight when I post this, but it's still friends' anniversary! I swear, I've posted so many times today though...

Diem just posted her most memorable F.R.I.E.N.D.S. moments, and, because I'm such a sheep (and really like talking about friends), I decided to do that too.

Before I say anything- I'm a huge huge huge huge huge Mondler fan so that might possibly be reflected in my

  • When Monica proposes
So Chandler was planning on proposing, but he wanted it to be a surprise so he was trying to lead Monica to believe that he didn't want to get married ever. Then she got all sad and started doubting their relationship, even going back to Richard for a bit. But then she learns the truth from Joey then goes and fills the entire apartment up with candles and proposes to Chandler, breaking down half way and letting him finish it off. Omfg that is seriously the sweetest thing ever.
  • "It goes old job, new job and then you" (raises hand in air)
Chandler had fallen asleep in an important work meeting, and missed what they were talking about. When he woke up, he was asked if he was on board with what was going on, and he said that he was even though he didn't really know what was going on. What he had been asked was if he was willing to head up the office in Tulsa, so after this he has to move there. Monica agrees to go with him, but is offered a job at this really good restaurant that she can't say no to. Chandler's a bit hurt when she says that she can't go anymore and says "oh well I guess that it goes old job, me, then new job", referring to her order of priorities. As he's about to leave for his flight, Monica runs out the door and says "Chandler, it goes old job, new job, and you. This is just something I have to do" and it's actually so nice <333
  • "It's a four"
After they've been dating for a year (it's actually their anniversary), Monica and Chandler go to Vegas. Monica does a bit of gambling, and is doing really, really well. They keep placing bets such as 'if we get this, we'll buy everyone a steak dinner' and 'if we roll this, we'll buy the biggest suite in the place'. Then Chandler says 'if you roll a hard eight, we get married here tonight'. Monica rolls the dice and one of them is a four, while the other one goes underneath the table. It lands next to the table leg. and is half way between a four and a five. Then Chandler goes "it's a four" so that they'd have to get married! They don't but it's so sweet anyway <3
  • "I'm in love with Monica!"
Chandler and Monica's relationship started off as a secret because they were really good friends and didn't want the rest of their friends finding out about them. However the other friends find out gradually through different means, until it gets to the point where they all know except for Ross (Chandler and Monica don't know that they all know though). Then they (Joey, Rachel and Phoebe) come up with this elaborate plan to try and get Monica and Chandler to just tell them, which ends up with Phoebe asking Chandler out and going on a date with him. They both just want the other one to break down, but neither of them will, so they end up kissing, before Chandler finally says "I I can't have sex with you", and when asked why, replied "Because I'm in love with Monica!". It was the first time he'd said it, then Monica comes out of the bathroom where she'd been hiding and watching and they kiss :)
  • When Ross and Rachel kiss for the first time (for real) outside Central Perk.
This scene is actually so romantic it's like fgbsjdbgbsgag <3 I haven't watched it in a while though so pardon me if some of my details are wrong. Basically Ross has been in love with Rachel since like, high school, but she was totally oblivious to it. Then, while he was away in China, Chandler accidentally tells her and she starts considering starting a relationship with Ross (without him knowing that she knew). While doing this, she develops feeling for him and accidentally gets drunk and lets him know. But he's already in another relationship with Julie, and gets mad at Rachel going 'you had no right to ever tell me you had feelings for me' because she's really complicated his situation. So he storms out, and she gets really sad and just like stands there, then he comes back and they kiss :)
  • "I got off the plane"
This one's in the last episode, and Rachel was offered a job in Paris which she decided to take. She goes to the airport, and meanwhile Ross decides that he really doesn't want her to go, so he quickly goes to the airport with Phoebe to tell her that he still loves her. They end up going to the wrong airport but Phoebe rings up and distracts people (LOL its actually really funny- "there's a problem with the left phalange"), giving him enough time to get there and tell Rachel that he loves her, but she boards the plane anyway. He goes home all depressed, then checks his messages and there's one from Rachel, who rang right after getting on the plane. She says that she does still love him, then decides while on the phone that she needs to get off the plane. She argues with the flight attendant who doesn't want to let her off, while Ross is listening in anticipation, before the phone gets cut off. Then Ross yells at the phone "DID SHE GET OFF THE PLANE?" and, Rachel, from behind him goes "I got off the plane". <3
  • "I promised Treeger we'd leave our keys"
*Cries a river of tears*
Like seriously, I'm tearing up just thinking about it.
I can't handle this.
Omg, just Google it, I refuse to explain.

Okay, that's all for now.
If you haven't watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S., I really, really recommend that you do. It's such a great show, and you're really missing out.


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