Tuesday, September 18, 2012



Guess what guys?

I finished my Maths C test- AKA my last piece of assessment for this term- yesterday and now I'm free!


We even got back a few of our marks today. and I've actually been really happy with my results so far! :)

So I haven't updated since...wow ages ago. Saturday. I guess I'll have to catch you up now then.

In my last post, I mentioned that I went to lunch with Diem, and I took photos and stuff on her camera, which are finally published on our food blog!

I had ramen noodles with fried pork dumpling and dbhjfsrghsertgbesrgh it was so delicious I can't even.

So jump forward a few days.

On the weekend, I was mainly studying Maths C :/
LOL okay no, mainly procrastinating studying Maths C, and you would not believe the things I will do to avoid studying. 
Although Sabi actually learnt Circular Gallifreyan so maybe I'm okay..

Nicole Amazeballs Steemson

On Monday (yesterday), after our Maths C exam, Diem, Sonja, Charlotte and I went to Pancake Manor for lunch! It was so good- Diem, Sonja and I ordered this set menu, and mine was these chicken, mushroom and salsa crepes with a pancake for dessert. Charlotte had these massive chocolate pancakes which looked so good as well. 

I didn't manage to get photos of the crepes, but here's a photo of the pancake.

Afterwards we were legit so full, but we decided to roam around the city anyways. Charlotte went home, then Diem, Sonja and I went photo-sticker-ing because I realise that we hadn't been in aggggesssss.
It was so funny- we were all failing at decorating. Although the others were probably failing on purpose.

I don't think I've mentioned it here before, but we all have new names.

Sonja is Marjesh.
Diem is Dunstoy.
Sabi is Som.
And I am.........................wait for it................wait for it...................Stynkpyl.

Cause I'm just so cool.


This photo was actually taken in grade nine cause I was cool back then too.

I also bought some stuff yesterday.
I just bought this floral skirt, this white cuff and Alice's birthday present.

my buys

short for Alice- I also got her the same cuff that I bought for myself.

And yeah!

After school today, we had our tennis break-up party. It was basically just this thing where we all went, ate food, gave out presents, ate food, heard speeches, then ate more food. There was pizza too.

Our coach gave everyone in our team this pencil tin thing filled with lollies and this pen, too :)

I didn't take any photos...but you can live with that.

Now, just for Sonia's benefit, here's the outfit I'm thinking of wearing to Alice's party.

I haven't exactly chosen what shoes to wear...not quite sure how formal to go yet either...but you get the gist. 

And that's about it for now!


love this quote



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