Monday, September 24, 2012



Yesterday, I went to a combined birthday party for Alice, Amelia, Nancy, Joey and Kathy. We basically went to karaoke then had dinner at Vapiano :)

First, we went to Queen Karaoke and sang for a couple of hours. lololol at the start everyone was like '...' but then after a while everyone started singing and it was really fun XD
Except there were so many k-pop songs, and the lyrics would all be in Korean, so Katie, Lizzie and I would just be like sitting there until some English songs that we knew came up LOL

And Boyfriend was stuck in my head for so long after that omg. but I actually quite like that song so all's g.

And I forgot my camera, which really sucks but other people took photos then posted them so hereeeee they areeeeeeee!

lols /tries to get in picture

After karaoke-ing for a while, we all walked to Vapiano for dinner!
The food was so good- Katie, Lizzie and I ordered a pizza and pasta between us which I would have photo'd BUT I FORGOT MY CAMERA CXVJNKSDHFGS

Yeah I was annoyed about that.

It took a while to order our food because it was one of those restaurants where you have to go up to the cooking place and order, then wait for your meal and bring it to the table. But yeah. It was good. :)

And we took all these photos afterwards because we finished eating a bit early.

LOL that was actually Katie behind me AHAHA

And that's about it!
Going out again in about half and hour...LOL trying to squeeze as much into these holidays as physically possible. #ftw

And that's about it till I update again (possibly multiple times) tonight.



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