Sunday, September 30, 2012

River Fire


As I mentioned in my last post, last night I went to River Fire!

River Fire is basically this annual thing in Brisbane where there are all these planes that fly round and boats and stuff then there are fireworks all along the Brisbane River.
Okay, I'm not sure if my explanation is that good, but you get the basic idea.

This year, I went with a couple of my mum's friends and Jessie, and it was really nice :)
We spent ages sitting round doing nothing (lol eating everything) but when the fireworks started they were really pretty XD

After the fireworks, we went to quickly check out the lantern festival at South bank, and I got a pizza for dinner.

we sew healthyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Brisbane Eye? Or wheel of Brisbane? who even knows.

lantern festival


And that's about it for now!



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