Saturday, September 1, 2012




So today is the first day of spring, that with nice weather but crazy birds. It's actually so sad, I will always associate spring with birds attacking you (just for the record, I've actually been attacked three times so this isn't stemming from nothing).

And for those of you who are not yet scared of birds:

Need I say more?

So this morning we went violin shopping!
I probably should have mentioned- On Open Night, I lost my violin. We checked everywhere, then decided that we weren't gonna find it so I got a new one today :)
My new one is actually better than my old one, and jdfsowerogwe it's like <333333333333

After that I went and had a tennis lesson...then tutor....

THEN at home I discovered this amazeballs way of customizing my tumblr dashboard- like it seriously looks amazeballs now.


Then yeah...didn't do too much else.

Discovered a friends memes page on facebook which I HAD NOT LIKED YET then made this to post:

I will seriously never get over the hilariousnosity that is Chandler's face in that top picture.
The yeah...

corned beef with potatoes&&vegies



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