Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Strange Lot


So today, I really don't have any plans until dinner, when we're going out to celebrate my mum's cousin Lilian's birthday at Toni's XD

But because i don't have anything to do till then, I got to wake up at 2:30, which was just fabutastic.

Now, because I really have nothing to talk about seeing as I just woke up, I've decided to do this quiz :)

Also, I should probably mentioned that I just stole the webcam that I gave my brother for Christmas and attached it to my computer, so.....that might explain the selfies at the end. (WOO)
Dunno how long it's gonna be till he realises and steals it back.

  • 1: Out of 10 how much do you love chocolate? 821357951/10
  • 2: If you could become anyone (including fictional characters) who would you be? Um...well I wouldn't give up my currently life but if I had to I'd choose Monica Geller.
  • 3: Have you ever liked someone older than you? If so, what was the age gap? If celebrities are counted in this, then 27 years. AHAHAHAHAAH omg i suck omg.
  • 4: Would you ever get a tattoo? If so, what of? I would...if there was like a guarantee that it wouldn't hurt LOL. I really don't know of what though- probably some sort of quote. LOL okay definitely some sort of quote.
  • 5: If you had 3 wishes, what would you wish for? Umm really selfish all-encompassing wishes like forever health, forever happiness, forever peace.
  • 6: Would you rather have a pet mini dinosaur or a pet unicorn? Mini dinosaur provided it doesn't eat me.
  • 7: If you could go back in time, where would you go? 1994
  • 8: Have you taken any drugs? nope. 
  • 9: Estimating, how many books have you read this year? 0.25
  • 10: Who is better... Your best friend or your tumblr best friend? best friend!
  • 11: Favourite city/country/town? NEW YORK CITY.
  • 12: If you could kill any fictional character, who would you kill? Paolo off F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
  • 13: What would be your hunger games strategy? Hide in a corner with a gun so that I could shoot anyone who found me. I haven't watched or read The Hunger Games though so don't blame me if that's not allowed.
  • 14: Would you rather marry the 10th doctor or 11th doctor? I wouldn't know but I like the number 10 more than the number 11 so...
  • 15: Estimating, how many messages have you received on tumblr? Um well on my personal I just checked and I currently have 65 but I delete a lot...I have 333 in total though from all my accounts. 
  • 16: Name a follower that has been by your side from day 1. Diem
  • 17: Twitter or Youtube? I don't use my Youtube account that much so I guess Twitter.
  • 18: Favourite youtuber? Ellen 
  • 19: Josh Hutcherson or Harry Styles? Harry
  • 20: What would you rate yourself out of 10? 7.5ish
  • 21: Would you consider yourself popular? Nope LOL
  • 22: Have you ever wrote a fan fiction? I've thought about it but no.
  • 23: Baby names? lols okay
  • Girls: I decided a while ago that anyone named Courteney was just cool. Like different spellings and stuff but yes. So Courteney, probably Haley and Elouise
  • Boys: omg heaps of my names are friends themed but I swear that's not why I'm picking them. Joey, Chase and Matthew.
  • 24: How many kids do you hope to have? 2 or 3
  • 25: Would you rather be a singer or actress? Actress!
  • 26: What has a better front cover, the hunger games or harry potter? Can't remember what either of them looks like.
  • 27: Favourite author? lol no.
  • 28: Have you ever had sex? no.
  • 29: Are you in a relationship? nope.
  • 30: Have you ever made a great graphic/edit that you were really proud of? YES.
  • 31: Middle name? Anggraini.
  • 32: If you could change your name to anything, what would you change it to? I actually quite like my name.
  • 33: How many posts have you posted? This is my 153rd
  • 34: Do you ever think that you'll be famous? No, but I think I'd like to be.
  • 35: What sports do you play? Tennis and stair-walking-up.

Wot up.



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