Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Tooth Person

Hi again!

I already posted a bit of a catch up post today, and here's my post for today! It's only 3:09 though so I'll probably end up posting again soon...
I realise that I'm posting so much these days- well, now I'm on holidays but even while I was at school. It's dedication, that's what it is.

So this morning, I went to the orthodontist (I keep going to call it the optometrist fdhsehgs) to ask about getting braces in, because my teeth are just.....not very nice.
It's actually so sad, because I kinda wish that I'd gotten them earlier, but I thought it would be too painful :( and anyways, I wanna get them now so they'll be out in time for uni.

Apparently my teeth are too crowded and I'll need to get like, four taken out. LOL while he was looking at my teeth he was also like 'woah you need fillings' so...


Anyways, he suggested that I could have it all (taking the teeth out, fillings and putting the braces on) done in one surgery where I'd be under general anesthetic, and I, being the very-not-pain-tolerant person I am, chose to do that.

So yeah...I'm doing it on the last Thursday of the holidays...

After that, I also went for an x-ray but I don't know how that went or anything.

And on a totally unrelated note, the weather's been really hot lately.

Yeah okay.



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