Monday, September 24, 2012

The Watch & Pancake Manor


I posted earlier today about half an hour before I went to go and see The Watch and eat at the Pancake Manor with some friends!

Meera, Sonia, Tricia, Shalutha and I all went to Southbank to watch it, and we'd heard from other people that it wasn't gonna be that good but omfg it was so funny I can't even.
I swear, if Ben Stiller is in a movie, it will automatically be good. In most cases anyway. Like Along Came Polly, which is one of my all-time favourite movies.
The Watch was basically about these guys who form a neighbourhood watch and discover all these aliens, and while I normally don't like alien movies dfsjifgsebgbjsebgseg we were literally laughing throughout the entire thing.

And just for the record- Jamarcus is officially one of the most ridiculous names to give anyone ever, although I just googled it and apparently it's a legitimate name so...

After the movie, it had started to rain again so Meera, Sonia, Tricia and I caught a bus to Pancake Manor to have an early dinner there :)
On the way there, we stopped at this really old looking bookshop cause Sonia wanted to find this book or something...and the rest of us just photo'd round XD

At Pancake Manor, I ordered exactly the same thing that I had when Diem, Sonja, Charlotte and I went during stand down (chicken crepes and a pancake) and this time I actually got the chips order right and we got a full basket!

Now who's cool?

ALL I WANTED was to take a picture of the pretty lights but the stupid bus kept getting in the way. fdgostig

And you can't even see them properly in this picture. Although we did comment that Brisbane looks a bit like a mini London, what with the wheel and everything.

You can totally see the 'N' I made.

And that's about it for today!
No plans for tomorrow...but I'll probably post 582798513 times anyway.



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