Tuesday, September 25, 2012



I mentioned before that I was going out, and I did! But first enjoy this great picture of my breakfast/lunch.

Sweet chili Phili. AKA my breakfast/lunch.

So we went out to Toni's (which is one of my favourite restaurants ever) to celebrate my second cousin Lilian's birthday!
And yeah...I had the Fettuccine Carbonara (lol okay I always order that but it's nice okay) and had Cream Caramel for dessert!
Which was super yummy, might I just add.

LOL i actually forgot my camera as well, but I used my mum's iPhone to take all these pictures.

My Fettuccine Carbonara

Cream Caramel!

OOTD which I would have rotated but bleh. Mind the toilet.

I've also been trying to create a 'Contact Me' page which you might notice at the top of my blog, except it hasn't been entirely successful and I can't seem to figure out why...hopefully it'll come to me tomorrow.

And that's all for now!
Lined up for tomorrow is a series of three doctor's appointments, which is just super exciting and something to get seriously pumped for.



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