Saturday, October 27, 2012


Ready When I Say Go.


So recently, I've been lacking in both time and stuff to blog about, so that might explain my absence this past week.

This term, we just have so many assignments! :(
Maths C is due on Tuesday, and it's been pretty easy but I haven't finished it because I CANNOT USE EXCEL. LIKE SERIOUSLY WTF PROGRAMMING ASDFGHJKL
We also have two EEIs this term for chemistry and physics, which are not progressing very well. ACTUALLY, they're progressing very well considering how much I normally do- I've basically finished my chemistry theory and I've done my part of the physics theory- but if you take the time to actually read the stuff that I've written, you'll find that it not only doesn't make sense but you could probably disprove a lot of the stuff I've written.

Why would they put two EEIs in one term? We only have two all year, and they're both this term. 


These past few days have been pretty uneventful. I've been staying after school a lot doing my physics and LOL getting so many drinks from the cafe that I'm pretty sure the lady there has re-learnt my name from the last time this happened.

Sabi and my Milkshakes from Wednesday

On Wednesday we voted for our head girls for next year, and Lil and Sophie got it! I was so happy that they got it, next year's going to be so great, like I'm legit really excited for it.

On Thursday, I stayed at school till about five then caught the train home with Lilian and LOL it was the funniest thing. Our train was really delayed, so the announcer was like 'another train is on the next platform, if you wanted to watch that one' or something like that, so basically every person on the train got off, but Lilian and I were like 'naaah it'll be too crowded' and decided to just wait for our train to go. And it started moving only a few minutes after all of the people left! It was so funny- we could see the train on the other platform, and it was suuuuuper full like people were practically squished against the door it was so full. The people in the other train were visibly pissed too 8D
Our train was so empty though, it was really cool.

I basically spent today working on my physics :/ and effectively started my physics theory last night and finished it about two hours ago! Wow, my topic is a lot harder than I thought it would be. I really thought I had a good thing going until I realised that the Reynold's number equation actually had three variables that I didn't know, one of which I can't even test.

LOL on my thing I'm literally like 'As honey is non-Newtonian, the viscosity decreases as the gravitational force increases, however for ease of calculation, in this formula the change of viscosity is considered negligible.'

Yep, yep, top student right there.
 AHAHAHA I realise that it probably changes a lot though but THIS IS THE ONLY WAY I CAN DO IT ARGHHHHH.

Tonight I also went out for dinner to celebrate Oma's birthday which was a couple of days ago! I haven't really gotten quite back into eating solid foods though, but there are actually a lot more foods than you would think that can be swallowed whole. Like deep fried ice-cream.

DEEP FRIED ICE-CREAM <333333333333333


Now on a totally and completely unrelated note SONIA I KNOW YOU READ MY BLOG AND I HEAR THAT YOU'RE JOINING MY TUTORING GROUP.

Okay that's all.

Also went to France, forgot to mention.

A high quality OOTD


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