Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ruby Sparks


Today Diem, Alice, Amelia, Anjali and I went to watch Ruby Sparks, followed by lunch with Diem and Alice at Grill'd!
I got there a bit late, but after I got there, we bought tickets then went to this boutique called Izabel and Sebastian, where I bought this brillipants pair of sunnies! I would include a photo, but they're upstairs so.....maybe tomorrow.
Then we saw the movie, which was pretty good.

Here's Diem's synopsis:
"Basically it's about a writer who writes about someone named Ruby Sparks and he falls in love with her. Somehow she becomes a real person etc. I love the ending!"

I also loved the ending. XD

I literally ate so much popcorn during the movie. Like, it was a bit ridiculous, so I wasn't really hungry afterwards for lunch. We went to Grill'd (which I've only eaten at once before), and we all just ordered snack burgers, but my gosh they were delicious.
I've legit been craving them since lunch time arffjoghsroghbser and totally plan to go again tomorrow. <333
Actually, it's about 1:10am so I guess I'll go later today.

After lunch, I was a bit thirsty and being the cheap person I am, I decided to go to McDonald's for a free water, and APPARENTLY there are no McDonald's restaurants at Southbank, so we walked to the city.

And yeah! Checked out a few store, but I was pretty broke so I didn't buy anything (Although the skirt I ordered from Princess Polly a few days ago arrived and I got it from Diem today!).

By the way, I forgot my camera again today.
Woop woop for me.

Proof right there that we did in fact watch a movie.
My burger!!!!!

Then at night, I went to the video store and rented out all these DVDs. See, I like TV shows but don't enjoy watching them on actual TVs cause of ads and stuff, so I decided to rent out all these shows to watch and see if I liked.
I rented two seasons of Scrubs, two seasons of Arrested Development and one season of Castle- I've heard really good things about all those shows, so fingers crossed they'll be good!
I actually watched a bit of Scrubs just before and it's been alright so far!

And that's about all for now.
Tomorrow, I have plans to go to Grill'd again tomorrow with Diem (which I'm super excited about cause omg burgers) then go to SLQ with Diem and Susie (something which Susie may or may not be annoyed about, but I guess I'll find out soon enough).

And yeah!



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