Sunday, October 7, 2012

Run For Your Life


School's starting tomorrow, and I'm really, really not looking forward to it. sdfbhjab WHY EVEN. 
I've spent the last day of the holidays being extremely productive; waking up at 3, watching some more arrested development, tumblring, literally sitting in front of my computer doing nothing, eating everything, complaining about school starting tomorrow.

I feel like I should finish my English novel, which by the way is Jasper Jones and actually a really interesting book, except the thing is, it was too suspenseful so I went and read the ending...and since they whole book is basically just a big mystery, I no longer have any motivation to read the rest of it. Urgghhhh I always do that, which is why I never finish any books ever, and I'm not even kidding- I'm yet to finish a book this year. 

Although, in my defense, I only started about three.
And almost got past half way on one of them.

These holidays have seriously screwed up my sleeping and eating habits too. Because when you sleep at 4am and wake up at 2pm, you don't end up eating more than two meals per day at about 4pm and 8pm. 
And as for how I'm gonna get to sleep at a reasonable time tonight, I don't even know. It's almost bed time for heaps of people now, and I've only been awake for a few hours. 

But yeah...looks like I'll be sleepy tomorrow...

omfg something else i realised today- apparently it annoys me when people do this '...' too often, and I must seriously do it 37892787239 times every post. So I shall try to stop. Except really, sometimes there needs to be something there for when I trial off of my train of though.

By the way, I never really figured out if it was 'train of thought' or 'chain of thought', so there's a slight chance that I've been switching between the two forever.

:D #howthecoolkidsroll

Today, the time my computer takes to turn on overtook the time it stays on before it crashes (assuming you don't read my tweets) mainly because it's just a sucky, sucky computer, and I've finally decided to abandon it and start working on my laptop until it gets fixed!
Also, you might wanna prepare for my to start taking full use of the webcam thing on the upload pictures thing. 
Very eloquently phrased, Nicole. 

Some nice pictures now for y'all!

Nicole x


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