Thursday, October 4, 2012



Today, I went over to Diem's house and went shopping!

No kidding, this was probably the most organised shopping trip I've ever been on. See, when I got shopping I usually spend all my money really quickly then just walk around unable to buy anything for the rest of the time, but this time we decided to go to all of the shops that we were planning on buying stuff from first, before actually buying anything, then decide what to get and buy everything afterwards. BUT apparently it's really hard to remember stuff that you looked at an hour ago, so we decided to go back to all the shops and take photos of the stuff we wanted to buy.
After that, we had lunch and went through the photos before going back and buy everything. For lunch, I had McDonald's and Diem had Sumo salad!

LOL I'm pretty sure some of the shop keepers that had helped us the first couple of times round were judging us, but OH WELL. WE GOT ALL THE STUFF WE WANTED.

I'm actually really happy with my purchases too.

I also got a maxi-skirt today! I actually took a really long time to start appreciating maxi-skirts, but recently, they've grown to me and I really like the salmon coloured one I got today :)

Today's buys!

When we got back to Diem's house, we were eager to try on the maxi-skirts (Diem got the same one in a different colour) so we decided to do a bit of a photoshoot! Click here for the that post.

After I got home, we just went to the doctor's for a bit then went to the video store to rent more movies!



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