Monday, October 1, 2012



Last, a couple of friends came to my place to sleepover :)

My friends from primary school and I kind of have this tradition where every now and then we have a sleepover, usually at my house, but yesterday something came up and Meera couldn't come, meaning that it was just Lauren, Anahita and I!

After they came, we basically just hung out for ages doing...not very much LOL.
We did our nails (and may I just say that they look super cool), played a couple of games of Risk (The first time, I won followed by Lauren then Anahita, and the second time it was the exact reverse order), chatted for ages, webcammed (cause we're cool), watched FRIENDS (cause who doesn't like friends), ate heaps of pizza and ice-cream, and yeah...

Was fun XD


Anahita died then decided to take over the ocean.



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