Thursday, October 11, 2012



Okay this post might be super weird cause i only got off anesthetic about an hour ago and i'm all dizzy and not thinking and all that.

So today i had my tooth surgery- i was actually so scared before like you have no idea and yeah

And I basically went in and wow okay it feels so weird when they put that gas mask on you like its like woah that stinks woah why is the room all spinny woah i feel like closing my eyes cause im too dizzy woah that was a quick surgery.

and afterwards i literally couldn't feel my face at all. okay that's not true i could feel my eyes and stuff but like from nose down i couldn't feel anything and because they took so many teeth out there was like blood everywhere but i couldn't feel it so blood would just randomly fall out of my mouth and okay yeah it was gross.

and i just got home and i still cant feel my mouth, well i can feel it a little bit but my lips feel really swollen and it doesnt hurt yet so i know its still numb cause they said it should hurt and omg totally not looking forward to the hurting part maybe i should just go to bed now.

and yes yes yes lol whenever i move my head i feel like collapsing but okay yeah yeah end post now.


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