Thursday, November 15, 2012



These last few days have been about as eventful as they ever get at school.

On Monday, I handed in my chem assignment!


BUT I still had done basically nothing of my physics that was due on Wednesday so the relief didn't last for so long.

On Monday night I was legit stressing for physics so much. Like, I decided that I had to finish so I ended up pulling an all nighter. Then LOL on Tuesday morning I was so dead that I couldn't even like walk and I kept passing out so my mum was like 'yeah stay home from school'.

So yerp. Stayed home.

But I basically just spent the whole day sleeping thennn started again on my physics (which I didn't get done on Monday night consid I'd done like nothing.

PS on Monday was Jessalyn's birthday and she gave us all pearl milk tea at tutor.

LOL stealing all these pics from my instagram #whatup

But yeah. On Tuesday Sabi and I basically stayed up  till 3 am  doing our physics, then decided to screw everything and edit it on Wednesday morning since there were like a bajillion grammatical errors. 
Then on Wednesday morning we printed it and submitted it and and and 


Except lol no cause stand down's next week.

Yesterday was full of farewells as well since it was the year 12's last official school day. In the morning, we had house farewell where all the house groups in Mackay did this performance for the year 12's and they gave out gifts and stuff.
omg our house group sang 'Everyday' from High School Musical and we were legit the most out of tune group of people you can imaging.
my gosh it was ridiculous.

But the other house groups were better so all was good.

Then at lunch we had this year 12 afternoon tea where the year 11's brought in all this food then we all ate it.

THEN we had muck up day assembly, which is this informal assembly where all the year 12's cut up and dyes their uniform then do performances in front of the whole school. Then they all sing a song, and this year they sang 'High' which asdfgjkl is such a nice song. THEN the head girls sang a song to each other. 
The year 11's were meant to sing something as well but there wasn't enough time </3

Here are some photos that I stole of Yen's facebook.

House Farewell



Today's speech day, so I got to sleep in!
LOL last night I slept pretty much as soon as I got home, so I got like 16 hours of sleep 8D



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