Tuesday, November 27, 2012



I realise that I was going to post about Lilian's party yesterday when I posted except I must have forgotten. Slash cbf'd. :)

So on Friday I went to Lilian's party! Cause I'm just super cool and get invited to everything.


this is legit the first party I've been to in like my entire life that didn't have party bags.

When I got there, I didn't really know anyone except Jen, so we were basically just walking around and eating LOL but after a while more people we knew starting coming including Sonja, and we actually getting really into it.

LOL can I just say right now that  I can't dance at all. lolololol Sonja and I were basically just raving by ourselves randomly in the room until more people came, and by dancing I mean waving our  arms round to the beat of the music.


I might have mentioned in my last post that  I post  my camera for a bit, so I didn't take any photos, but it was DJ'd by Metro Mouse and they always upload pictures from their parties, so I have some!

I checked them briefly just before and I don't appear to be in any.

I spoke too soon, you can find me in the bottom right corner of this one.
There I am again behind that girl's arm.
My back makes an appearance.

I'll post again later tonight (and I actually will) about stuff that's happened since then!



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