Sunday, December 30, 2012




These last few says, I've been at kusuma where I haven't had much Internet access, so I wasn't able to blog. BUTTT now I'm at Pakubuwono again so all's good.

I really don't remember what I did at kusuma without wifi, watched a lot of movies, played with Dhamma, went shopping with Emily, got my birthday cake designed and went to Ratu Plaza again today.

Actually that was everything I've done, since I only stayed there for 3 nights.


It's so weird, I went to church today and then came to Pakubuwono (since we're going to laser tag tomorrow, then I'll go back to kusuma) then we found out that the water went out at kusuma, so it was like super convenient for us that we came here.

Anyway, today I went to Ratu Plaza again and bought a truckload of DVDs (first season of Lost, first to fourth season of Scrubs, first and second season of Dirt, and all these movies and CDs).

And yaah.

Omg. I don't think I've blogged since I designed my birthday cake.
So it's the coolest cake ever (lol I'm doubting my designing skills but IT'S THE COOLEST CAKE EVER EVEN IF IT ENDS UP LOOKING FUNNY). Anyway, it's basically me sitting on the central perk couch watching friends on tv on top of this two level cake. And the sides of the top level has a kind of flowery design and its a creamy colour. And the bottom cake is light purple like the colour of the friends
walls and on the front will be 'Happy 17th Birthday Nicole' in the friends font. And on the back will be the peephole :) :) :) AND AND AND there's gonna be a central perk coffee mug next to it, made out of cake. And it'll be on a platter which looks like hardwood floors. WOOOOOOOOOOOO



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