Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Garden by the bay


I might have mentioned it in my post yesterday, but I got an iPhone 5! I'm actually using it now, and hopefully this thing will let me insert photos.

Anyway, I'm in Singapore!

Last night I basically slept as soon as I posted so..
Today, we went to see this new thing called garden by the bay, which is these two domes with all this nature stuff in them, and apparently it's pretty new.
The first dome had this mountain and waterfall with all these plants, and the second one was all flowery and had different sections for each continent/country/region.

After that, we went to have lunch (I ate at pepper lunch which is amaaaaaazeballs and I wish we had in Brisbane). After lunch, we went on this river cruise around Singapore which was pretty good.

Then we took a taxi to the Hard Rock Cafe cause my mum wanted to buy a shirt (ikr) and walked to this shopping centre where bought a few gifts for people and ate dinner :)


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