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As of yesterday, I'm on holidays!

This last week has seriously been the most relaxed ever (for the most part), just going from class to class watching movies, getting marks back, chatting or doing leadership stuff.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned before or not, but my friends and I have this tradition where every year, we make presents for each other in addition to the normal bought presents. We also do this thing where before school one morning during the last week, we have a barbecue in the Roma Street  Parklands. Usually it's  just Diem, Sonja and I but this year Sabi joined us tooooooooooooo :)

So last weekend basically consisted of me making presents for my friends! #whatup

On Monday, not much happened except that we got our chemistry and physics marks back. AND GUESS WHAT. I TOTALLY GOT FULL MARKS ON MY PHYSICS EEI. lol that basically kept me going all week. So Monday was a pretty good day marks-wise.

On Tuesday, we had our barbecue! We got the the parklands at about 7 in the morning then cooked the sausages, exchanged gifts and played penny can! (I made Diem a penny-can can like the ones from Cougar Town)

Please enjoy these photos taken directly off Diem's blog.

the parklands.
Diem's penny can.
The bag Diem made Sabi.
Paper children Sabi made me.
Tissue box Sonja made me.

On Wednesday...I don't even remember what happened. Just watched a lot of movies/ate a lot of food/ chatted a lot. it was the last day of classes for the year though :)

On Thursday, we started our leadership days! Next year I'm gonna be in year 12, so we did all this leadership stuff with our head of house for the last two days of term. On Thursday, we did a few team-building games and just chatted about what we plan on doing next year, then we elected Mackay leadership positions. And guess what? I totally got media captain. Diem and Sonja got service captions and Sabi got choir captain, so now everyone in our group has a position! 
We also picked our buddies for next year (everyone in year 12 has a year 8 buddy). Our head of house basically just read out their name then a list of their interests and whoever wanted them just said so. My buddy listed 'watching friends' as one of her interests, so i was like yep 8D

On Thursday night was the annual Christmas carols at school. It's run by the music department, and they have all the groups do performances of Christmas carols, face painting, food, lob a choc, etc. It was really fun except LOOOL I may have screwed up out song 27839235 times. Well, okay. Sabi and I decided to share music (hers) since the parts are the same for most of the songs, except  she totally forgot about the last song we had to play, where the parts were very different. And she's in first violins while I''m in seconds, so her part was a lot harder than mine and I didn't have my music or anything. So I was basically just there trying to sight read this difficult part slash make up my part through the entire song sdghjkjhgfghjgfdsdfhjk and Sabi was legit laughing at me attempting to play it while she was playing dfghjkjgfdfghjfdfghjk it was so sad.

The orchestra lists for next year were also put up and GUESS WHAT? I MOVED UP ONE SEAT.


I went from the sixth player in 2nd violins of Vivaldi TO THE FIFTH PLAYER. #achievementsachievementsachievements

I also think it's worth mentioning that Mr Dale dressed up as Santa.

On Friday, we continued with the leadership stuff. We decided to create a video introducing the year 12s to the house, so we spent most of the day filming it. Since I'm now media captain, we had to upload all the clips that we shot, which basically meant that we got to watch them all and my gosh it's hilarious. Especially the staff ones, not even kidding sfkfdsdghjkxchn Shannon took the files home but if I ever get my hands on them they shall defs be uploaded here.
We also had the final assembly then we were freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :) :) :)

I don't have any photos of myself on the last day, but you can have a look at these photos of other people if you wish.

On Friday night, my aunty and cousin who had been staying at my other cousin's house came to stay with us, and we went out for dinner :) :)


Christmas presents so far!



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