Saturday, December 8, 2012


My Favourite Things

Hi hi hi hi hi!

I, once again, have absolutely nothing to blog about. I haven't posted in a while, and these last couple of days have seriously consisted of me doing nothing. Here's my average day in dot-point form:

- wake up
- tumblr
- eat
- watch TV
- tumblr
- piano
- eat
- watch TV
- piano
- tumblr
- watch TV
- sleep

On Thursday (wow, I really lose track of time when I'm on holidays), we went out to have sushi for dinner. I like sushi. It was yummo.

Today, I got my allergy injection.

Okay, I really need to pack because I'm leaving for Indonesia in two days and my room currently looks like this:

Can I just say that I know I complained about blogger not letting me upload photos yesterday, but THIS IS CONTINUING AND ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH.

While on the subject of active, I recently got a keek account. I have 0 keeks and only made it so I could follow Scott Disick and all the Kardashians, but I might post soon enough and y'all should follow me.


When I go overseas, I might start vlogging. I'll probably still blog, but vlogging seems more convenient, especially if I don't have ready access to a computer. I'm hoping to have access to a computer the entire trip though, so..............................................

My Favourite Things (quiz that I found on tumblr)
  1. Movie- mean girls, along came polly, the whole nine yards
  2. TV Show- FRIENDS
  3. Song- atm it's 'The Wind' by The Fray
  4. Animal- I'm reconsidering my usual answer of penguin.
  5. Color- blue
  6. Word- i really have no idea
  7. OTP- mondler
  8. Candy- does lindt chocolate count? if not, then sour gummy worms
  9. Thing to Do- watch FRIENDS
  10. Quote- like, from a TV show? or inspirational? here's my favourite TV show quote: "humid prepossessing homosapian with a full sized aortic pump"
  11. Magazine- SHOP
  12. Holiday- Christmas holidays
  13. Accent- American for sure
  14. Number- 73
  15. Clothing Store- hmm it's been a while since I've thought about this...Princess Polly is definitely up there but I quite like Verge as well.
  16. Season- Autumn for the weather, summer for the time of year
  17. Book- lol reading
  18. Actress- Courteney Cox
  19. Actor- Matthew Perry
  20. Food- noodles
  21. Drink- Grapetiser or Pasito
  22. Letter- N what up
  23. Cereal- lol like corn flakes. I hardly ever eat cereal.
  24. Fruit- Strawberries
  25. Band- The Wombats and The Fray
  26. Sound- Music defs



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