Monday, December 31, 2012

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New Years Eve


Just a quick update.

Yesterday we went to Laser tag, which was really fun even though I apparently really suck.

Actually, I came 6th and 8th out of 10 people so *technically* I'm not the worst.

ANDDD currently I'm in my cousins' room at this 6 star hotel. I thought that 5 star was the best but APPARENTLY not.
This room is really nice though, like its massive and has huge windows to view the fireworks.

We're just staying here till dinner in half an hour then there's apparently this New Years display thing.

Idek but it sounds cool 😎

I meant to do a 2012 recap post but I haven't had access to a computer so I'll just do it at the start of next year when I get home 😎



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