Tuesday, December 4, 2012

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The Wind

These silent waves are my company,
And I lost the line between the sky and sea.
I’m wondering, will the wind ever come for me?


I don't know exactly how, but somehow I managed to get even less achieved today than I did  yesterday. I've decided that I'm going to blog every day that I can these holidays (I might not be able to some days cause I'll be in Indonesia and I don't really have guaranteed Internet over there).

Before I continue, here's a premature Christmas count down: 

#21 days

Today, I woke up at 12:30 then basically just bummed around the house the entire day. And by bumming around I legit mean clicking refresh on my tumblr dash every few minutes for 5 hours.

LOL just took a long break to go have a piano lesson, so I guess I did achieve something after all.

Assuming you didn't catch on from the start of this post, 'The Wind'  by The Fray is my new favourite song.

ok picture time.



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