Friday, December 21, 2012

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The Zoo

Hi guys!

I seem to be posting about everything a couple of days after they happen so...oh well.

On the fifteenth, so that was a few days ago, my brother, the maid and I went to Singapore Zoo! I'm normally not that big on zoos, but Singapore zoo is actually really fun.

We got there in the morning then basically walked round for a bit having a look all the animals before going and getting an elephant ride and feeding the elephants as well :) :)

I actually bought a photo of us on the elephant, but I'm in Jakarta now and I left it in Singapore for us to collect on the way home so I won't be able to upload them.

Anyway, it was really cool :D

We also got the see the pandas which were sent to the zoo only last month from China, and I got myself some super cool things from the gift shop; these panda slippers, this tiger beanie/hat and this pig lamp.

I actually don't have access to a computer with Internet (Emily is permanently on it) Sonoma posting from my phone again, which means that all the photos will be out of order. You can piece then together of you want, though.



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