Monday, December 24, 2012


This Week


Okay here's the next few days in dot point form:

- On Tuesday I went shopping with Emily and bought 2 CDs. We ate pizza and I had issues with the language barrier and managed to order over a litre of sprite just for myself.
- On Wednesday we went ice-skating because it was Christal's birthday. We ate out at this Japanese pasta restaurant for lunch and had a very large cake.
- On Thursday I went to Mangadua (this large market inside a building sort of place) and bought my formal dress and a couple of jeans and some stationary.
- On Friday some relatives (my second and third cousins) came over and we went swimming and played lots of card games, etc. The world did not end (and I made a nice vlog about that which I'll upload whenever I can).
- On Saturday (yesterday) I went to Ratu Plaza which is this shopping centre with heaps of cheap electronics. I got heaps of movies and a pair of headphones.

Anndddddd I'll blog about today in another post!

*pictures not in order*



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