Tuesday, January 31, 2012


OKAY. So. I got locked out of the house for a couple of hours.

Okay. Well. Okay.

Well, it was more that I came home and didn't have a key, so I waited for a bit for my brother to come home then went to the park to do some homework all whilst ringing him constantly.


Okay before I continue, this whole post is pretty much going to be just me ranting, so if that's not the sort of thing that you enjoy reading, I wouldn't recommend continuing.

Anyway, I checked his phone when I got in, and 24 MISSED CALLS. 24.

T-W-E-N-T-Y F-O-U-R.


So I was at the park and was ringing him with my phone on speaker so I could do other stuff, and I figured that I should probably get some homework done, so I start doing my physics.

And okay, I discovered something which I kind of already knew: there is almost nothing that makes me angrier then me not being able to do something which according to myself I should be able to do.

And MAYBE you're thinking 'hmmm I wonder if she meant frustrated', but no. I definitely meant angry.

My homework was to do these questions about converting. AND O.M.G.


can't. stand. it.

btdubs, if you're reading this and are super smart, your help would be greatly appreciated.

sozzles about this rant post, but I can't just not rant. And none of my friends are on msn.

I know, it's sad.

Probably gonna do a post on http://www.nicoleanggraini.blogspot.com/ tonight, assuming I'm not still stuck on that stupid thing which isn't even that hard omg. ==

So yes.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Music Camp & all that came before


So I know you're all depressed coz you think I've abandoned you. I know right. It was so sad.

I went to music camp. AKA the camp for the pro people which I barely made it into. Not even kidding, I'm like near the back of the second violins of the lowest level orchestra that went.
But ANYWAY I must have played at least 10 hours of violin in those three days. Or maybe less, or more or....well, I didn't really count but I know that it was a lot. And my jaw is so painfulllllllllll. I don't even know why. Well that's not true- I do know why. That chin rest on my violin which I am clearly not holding right because other peoples' jaws are fine. Except Sonja. And a bunch of other people I've found. So basically this whole point is irrelevant.

Anyway, on Friday after school everyone who was going all got changed then got on a bus to Dakabin, which is on the outskirts of Brisbane, or so I've heard- it's not like I actually bothered to find out where BUT I do know for sure that it took about an hour to get there from school.

We arrived at the camp then got our stuff in our rooms, I bunked with Sonja, Emily and Amelia and these two year nine girls who were actually pretty cool.
Then I can't remember what happened but somewhere in there we had dinner and some compulsory fun, and stayed for two nights.

This afternoon we also had a concert of the songs we'd learnt, was pretty cool and all that...

Here's something annoying- I forgot my camera :( Although I did manage to take a few pictures on my phone, all of which are confined to our room. I might update you if anyone else uploads pictures, but that it quite unlikely.

Sonja reading my shop
our room. you can kind of see Sonja reading my shop
Emily and Amelia in our room. That top bunk you see was mine.
 So the times when we weren't doing anything got a bit boring. Vivaldi (my orchestra) was always let out way earlier than the other bands/orchestras, so we had quite bit of free time. Which I'm not complaining about or anything, but there wasn't much to do. Other people did homework and stuff, but yeah...I wasn't going to do my homework while on camp. Although I will admit that at one stage I resorted to doing a few problems of physics. But that's a different story. Well, if you consider that sort of thing interesting, which you really shouldn't, coz it's not. ANYWAY IN CONCLUSION we built a fort with all of the mattresses, And just sat in there chatting.

Twas a great fort
Sooooo yes...that's all for music camp.
Lately I haven't been updating as much a I would have liked to, due to school starting and all that, so I'll just quickly sum up the things that happened.

- Chinese New Year, which I may or may not have posted about
- My mum's uncle visited and we ate our a couple of times. Here's a picture of what I ate one of those times.

- I entered Dotti style nation. And I posted a picture of my entry below, and if you like it then I think that you should go to  http://www.dotti.com.au/stylenation and vote for me. My entry is called 'Blueberries and Cream' and my name is NicoleS. :)

So that's all for now :) Probably gonna go read some magazines for my English...


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Australia Day!

So I've dedicated this post to Australia day, even though I have lots of other stuff to say. Might post again later tonight...

So happy Australia day! Celebrated by going out and eating Vietnamese food with all my Indonesian relatives.
I ordered noodles.
It was yummy.


Okay so I have pretty much nothing to say. Although I did find this website with some interesting facts, which I will now copy and paste into here.

3 Aussies die each year testing if a 9v battery works on their tongue.
142 Aussies were injured in 1999 by not removing all pins from new shirts.
58 Aussies are injured each year by using sharp knives instead of screwdrivers.
31 Aussies have died since 1996 by watering their Christmas tree while the fairy lights were plugged in.
8 Aussies had serious burns in 2000 trying on a new jumper with a lit cigarette in their mouth.
A massive 543 Aussies were admitted to Emergency in the last two years after opening bottles of beer with their teeth.
And finally…. In 2000 eight Aussies cracked their skull Whilst throwing up into the toilet

Oh so proud.

And I've always found Australian slang to be very interesting.
Like for example, I would never go up to someone and say 'gonna go have a shrimp on the barbie' because of oh so many reasons which I will now list:

- I am allergic to shrimp and I don't really need any other reasons because this one is perfectly good on it's own, but anyway.
- If I wasn't, I would say prawn
- I do not own a barbecue
- If I did, I would call it barbecue. Barbies are dolls. Like this one.

Okay here's some more slang: Bluey, which according to http://www.koalanet.com.au/australian-slang.html stands for blue-bottle jellyfish.
Bluebottle jellyfish are too scary to give nicknames to. I see a bluebottle jellyfish, I don't say 'oh hey- there's a bluey!'.
No- I run away screaming.

'Holy dooley!' apparently is an exclamation of surprise, and let me tell you this- if someone comes up to me and says holy dooley, I'd probably laugh in their face.

'Mexicans' are apparently people from south of the Queensland or New South Wales border.
No, that's not right. Mexicans come from Mexico. The land that gave us tacos and big hats.
I apologise to any Mexicans who might be reading this.
And here's one more- piss means beer. Do I really need to explain this one?
"Yo, pass the piss"
"What did you do last night?" "Oh, just watched TV and drank some piss"
"So will you have anything else with that meal?" "Yeah, I'll have some non-alcoholic piss. Thank-you."

In conclusion, I enjoy Aussie slang.

In conclusion again, Happy Australia Day from a patriotic Aussie who eats Vietnamese food on Australia day and makes fun of her country's slang.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

nothing with a capital n

Hello all.

I wasn't going to blog today, except I'm being pressured into it by Diem and Sonja. Not naming any names or anything. (yo Diem, see what I did there? hah hah hah)

insider joke.
only for the cool kids.

It has come to my realisation that my posts are becoming even more pointless, except APPARENTLY it's their pointlessness-ness that makes them funny, so this one should be a real hoot.

Normally, when I do nothing, I would post about what I've been thinking, except I'VE BEEN THINKING NOTHING. MY BRAIN NO LONGER WORKS. SERIOUSLY. THE ONLY THINGS I THINK ABOUT THESE DAYS ARE HOW SLEEPY I AM. And I just assume that no one would be interested in reading a post all about that.

LOL I'm spacing my lines out so much so y'all will think I'm writing a lot. :)

Anyway, had double English today and it actually wasn't as boring as I thought it was gonna be. And we were discussing ads in class and o.m.g.
Our teacher asked us to name an ad that really sticks in our brain and BAM. I think of the Ahh Bra ad. And I think tat the only thing that annoys me more than the Ahh Bra ad is the fact that it was the first ad I thought of.
Not even kidding- I usually only watch one show (well, excluding friends) per day: Ellen, just in case you need clarification- and that ad must come on at least three times in the hour. AND IT'S LIKE FIVE MINUTES LONG. AND THE PEOPLES' VOICES ARE ANNOYING. AND THEY USE SO MANY ADVERTISING TECHNIQUES IT'S NAUSEATING.

I would provide a link to the ad except I'm on a silent protest against them and don't want to help to generate viewers. Even if it is to mock them.

okay end rant now.

So I have a slight problem in that I have like, three places I need to be at the same time on Australia Day, and I have no intention of cancelling on anyone, so just a message to all geniuses out there: If you could invent time travel before Thursday, it would be greatly appreciated.
Even though I realise that time travel will never be invented, because if it existed, people of the future would have come back in time by now.

See? This is depressing.

Okay so on an unrelated note (well maybe a little bit related), in chemistry today we were talking about the existence of atoms and stuff, and the conversation got so scary, not even kidding.
Because our teacher was like, something like this;

'Everything around us is created by our brain. When light bounces off an object and to your eye, it is upside down and small, and it is your brain that creates what you actual see. So in all reality, the object may not be there- but it is just your brain creating this image. And you say that you can just go over and touch it to prove that it's there? But when you touch something, it is your brain that created the sensation.'


oooooh shivers.

And there was also the gremlin thing but I really cbf explaining that, I might tomorrow though.

You know; our chemistry classes aren't really on topic, but I actually find them really interesting. Other people complain, but I'm gonna be thinking about this stuff for days.
Which is a lot for me.

On a totally unrelated note, our facebook convo just reached 1000 comments. I have reached over 2000 in the past, but this is pretty impressive. Even though it is mostly made up of Sonja-spamming.

And because I cant stand having a post with no pictures, please enjoy this.


Monday, January 23, 2012

Year Eleven

HI THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was our first day of year eleven, and I'm not gonna lie to you; It was pretty cool.

Everything was so chill and like, I really like almost all of my classes :) And by that, I mean I really like all the people in my classes, and I know people in all of them XD

I would list the people, but:
a) I don't want to
b) I really don't need a second reason.

ALTHOUGH, as great as the people in my classes were, some of my teachers were a bit iffy. Well, they weren't that bad but I didn't get any of the teachers I really wanted, which sucks a tad bit.

And remember new year, when I said I was gonna eat more fruit? Then remember a few days later when I said how much I was failing?
Yeah, well I decided to scrap that. (unless I already did, my memory is just going downhill these days. I must be getting old.)

My NEW new years resolution is to study for at least half an hour a day. This is more achievable, but I wouldn't count on it.

LOOOOL I wonder- if you keep making new new years resolutions all through the year, are they still new years resolutions? or just resolutions? OR REVOLUTIONS???

Number 3 sounds about right.
these are all extremely sudden and complete changes. Extremely.

Anyway, 2 months on holiday really makes you forget everything. And I'm not kidding when I say everything. Today in maths I couldn't even remember how to spell simultaneous.

I know what you're thinking. Simultaneous is a pretty darn tough word to spell. BUT I USED TO BE ABLE TO. AND THIS IS FRUSTRATING. DSOFBSDAGSDJFGNSDFMSONOB.

Good thing is, I can spell it now. I know right. Cheers for me.

So in English today, our teacher says 'so when you get home, flick through some old magazines and find some advertisements to use for your essay, and that can be your study for the night!' (I would not quote me on this).
And I know that the study part of that was probably a joke, but it is in my best interest to take it very seriously.
Because, for all I know, I was studying all holidays. :)

So I just reread what I just typed just then and I didn't understand it much, but eh. You might.

So I'm gonna go watch friends now, which probably defeats my whole magazine study story, BUT I WANT TO WATCH FRIENDS NOW, SO I'M GONNA.


Sunday, January 22, 2012



I realise that most of the time when people separate the syllables of a word, like I did in the title, it's to create some sort of pun, but no. I only do it to emphasise. Well not only, but in this case, yes. ALTHOUGH if this was a post about Moro bars, I could totally do this.

Why I choose to start my posts off with stuff like that, don't even bother asking. I didn't even do nothing today.

Anyway, tomorrow is Chinese New Year and I, being the totally and completely 50% Asian person I am, went out with the fambam and ate Chinese food.
AND saw another lion dance, this time with the added bonus of a dragon dance and karate people. AHAHAH 3rd time this week. <333333333333 but gonna go deaf soon if I keep listening to them. Seriously, my ears are still ringing.

the restaurant ceiling, which I determined interesting enough to take a picture of

Yes, I realise that I was probably blinking when this photo was taken, but it's the only one I have of the fam, and I like my hair in it, even though you could probably argue that it looks normal

Casually fiddling round with the fireworks setting on my camera

that big dragon in the middle of the shopping centre

I also did some shopping, spent almost all of my red pocket money. But I got some nice stuff out of it :) And by stuff, I mean clothes, which I would show you pictures of but I've hung them up already, and I'm lazy.

You know, in retrospect I realise that I probably should have named this post 'Chinese New Year' or something along those lines. And I know that it isn't too late to go and change the title, except I made such a big deal about it at the start of this post...so yeahhh.....

But school IS starting tomorrow, and I have very mixed feelings about that. Like, on one hand I'm excited because I quite like school and I'm really curious about what classes I'm in, I get to see my friends again, etc, etc, but I'm also kind of stressed slash depressed because it's year 11, and also because I'm really starting to warm up to my hermit ways.

And just because I know you're very interested, I cleaned my room. I know right. Shock gasp. Let's see how long this lasts.
AND I stopped hanging my skirts, because I ran out of both closet space and coat hangers.

And now I realise that it's 9:34 and I have school tomorrow. Sighhs been so long since I said that last...

So byeee for now,

Saturday, January 21, 2012



As you probably guessed when you read the title of this post, I went to Tet. But yeah...I'll get to that.

I went to the doctors, then went home and did nothing while I waited for my mum to get home THEN I went to Diem's!

Was great fun :) when I got there we bummed around for a bit then went shopping. And will you look at all the stuff I bought.

button-down shirt from supre.
pencil skirt from dotti

shorts from ally. which are not actually that pink, they're a lot darker.

two necklaces from diva :)
  After shopping we went to Tet!
It was actually really fun, even though we walked around the whole place like, 20 times because Diem didn't want to do go on any rides or anything while it was still light for fear of being seen. Which I don't quite get.
Good exercise though. ALTHOUGH we bought food to eat while we walked round, so it kind of balanced out.

Anyway, eventually we went on the hurricane, and just a tip for anyone who may go on it in the future: SIT ON THE OUTSIDE, OR YOU WILL GET SUCKED INTO THAT LITTLE HOLE BETWEEN THE SEATS, AND GETTING SUCKED INTO THAT LITTLE WHOLE HURTS. A LOT.

Now need I explain what happened to me?

Then the avalanche, and while at the top we spotted the lion dance so we saw that next.

And if you've ever read my blog, you'll know that i looove lion dances.

Then we bought crepes, which were super yummy except like, |______________this________________| messy, assuming the messiness of crepes can be measured in distances.

fireworks and pro photography
 Then yes, went back to Diem's.

And once we got there, messed around with the photography option on my camera.

wooow I'm like a ghost!
Then we did photo shoots, etc, etc. I would post the pictures here, except this is no longer the place I post photos. Go to my other blog. Link at the top of the page. And comment and follow while you're at it. :)

Here's one though.

Thinking of entering this one into Dotti style nation next month. Unless something better pops up.

Now here are some other photos from our shoot.

And today I went home :)

Now, because I am cbf-ing right now, here is a summary of today in very few words:
- went home from Diem's
- met this tutor
- wet driving
- ate
- blogged

that's all :)



Okay I understand that my name and age and everything are all over my blog, but I just felt that it would be wise to smudge all the details :)


Thursday, January 19, 2012

oh the pain


I named this post 'oh the pain' for no reason except to sound dramatic. And because I can't think of a better title, or even a slightly more relevant one. And because I went to the dentist today.

It was just a check-up, but you know..... dentist=pain, etc, etc.

annnnnndddddddd YAY no cavities.
Oh the relief...

And now my teeth feel weird. Like, I was used to my plaque-covered teeth, and now they're all clean and it doesn't feel right.
Oh well. If experience tells me anything, they'll only be this clean for a couple more days.

Which is actually quite sad.

Anyways, our dentist is at the shopping centre, so naturally we went shopping afterwards.
Bought a couple of magazines, some eyeliner, cleaner, bobby-pins, if anyone cares, which I realise they probably don't.

AAAANNNNNNDDDDDD saw a lion dance. I ACTUALLY LOVE LION DANCES. DON'T KNOW WHY. loooooooooool we like followed them round the whole shopping centre, and took heaps of photos, which I would show you except:

- they're on my mum's iPhone as i do not take my camera to the dentist
- i am unaware of this iPhone's whereabouts
- i am too lazy to ring it
- you have probably already see a lion dance sometime in your life
- if you haven't, you have not lived.


kindly ignore my face. BUT LOOK AT THOSE TEETH. /sighh I'm such a Ross.
 I'm just so patriotic. 

LOOOL spend one year going on about how great new york is, then buy an Australian flag top hat and suddenly I'm patriotic.

But you can't blame me for going on about new york, I mean, look.

Who wouldn't want to live in this place?

And also, I didn't say so before, but if you actually got that friends reference in the caption of me wearing the hat, I officially love you.

And if you thought of this when you saw it, I love you even more.

Anyway. I might or might not have mentioned that my brother's friend slept over last night, and o.m.g. you have never met two more annoying people in your entire life.

I would go on, but I would rather not relive that.

So school starts in 3 days, Tet tomorrow, Chinese new year lunch on Sunday.
Looks like my hermit days are over for good. Or at least until next holidays. Well, I'm probably going to Indonesia then. Then in the mid-year we'll probably get visitors...so it might actually be September...

...just trying to decide whether this is a good thing or not...

Goodbye for now,

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

guess who studied.


So i might have mentioned yesterday that I've pretty much run out of things to blog about, and that is still pretty much 100% absolutely positively true.

ALTHOUGH i did something today which I haven't done all holidays: I studied.

I know right.


GRANTED it was only for about half an hour, and I had Friends playing in the background.


So today I did almost nothing. Not even exaggerating. Well, except studying for half an hour, but I went over that already.
And I watched TV.
LOL never even changed out of my PJ's and I don't even think I made it to my backyard.

OOOOOOOH I CLEANED MY ROOM. Well technically I cleaned it yesterday, although it was past midnight, so you know...depends how you look at the situation.

Why I bother to blog when I have absolutely nothing to say is beyond me.
I shall stop now.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Okay, so it looks like I have officially ran out of things to blog about.

Well, today I went out to buy new school shoes...but that's not so interesting.

OOOH but here's a picture of the bag i bought yesterday XD

Getting even more excited for school, like seriously.

You know what I think? I think that they should have more shorter holidays, because like, after being at school for a few weeks I always wanna go on holidays, and after a few weeks on holidays, I'm always excited to go back to school...so you know...

Just a thought.

Go visit my other blog. I got more to say on that one. I'll even provide you with a link.


AND ALSO. Go to this blog for the chance to have your portrait drawn.

like this one:

so pro >< oh if only i could draw that well...

and yaa.


Monday, January 16, 2012

just one week


So school is starting next week. NEXT WEEK.

To be honest, I'm actually quite excited, but DFSNGISGSJIPTHN NEXT WEEK FHDGOADHBPSA. Oh the things I could have done with my holidays.....

I've pretty much achieved nothing since school ended about two months ago. Well, that's not exactly true. I achieved many things.

- I got my learner's
So this was probably my main achievement, and pretty much the only one that could be considered an achievement.

- I watched almost all of the Ellen monologues on YouTube
So you say this shouldn't be counted? I BEG TO DIFFER MY FRIEND. THIS TOOK ME DAYS.

- I started blogging
Oh yes. That which I have been telling myself to do for months, I finally did.

- I went jogging
LOL 'i started blogging, i went jogging' XD
Believe it or not, it's true. I only went once though, and I walked most of the way and stopped to take photos of the nature. Probably just an excuse. BUT I WENT.

- I found some inspirational quotesI actually love inspirational quotes, don't know why exactly. On my other blog (http://www.nicoleanggraini.blogspot.com/ just in case you're wondering) I'm considering making and inspirational quotes page, just for the fun of it. But here are some now anyways.

I admit that some of these were found by Diem. But she won't mind me stealing credit :)

So basically, in conclusion I achieved very much these holidays. OOH and I cleaned my room. Except then I just made it messy again but eh. potayto potarto. ehehehhehh potarto.

I think I mentioned that I'm really excited except I'm also really worried because it's senior o.o
AND i might need to study. shock gasp.


and I think i practised my violin...maybe once? or not? these whole holidays. And I think I might have practised my piano about... 5 times? which is worrying, as i have an exam very very soon. which I am  of course now freaking out about.

an also, recently every time someone has told me something, i don't register it, because I'm just in that cbf mood. but what if this continues and am unable to learn?! UNABLE TO LEEEEARRRRN?!!?!?!

/faints again.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Back Home :)

HI guys!

So I got home from Tangalooma yesterday :)
or :( depending on how you look at it.

Anyway, yesterday we pretty much just enjoyed all the free stuff at our resort. We played ping pong, golf, croquet and archery :)

Okay I've decided not to talk any more, and just post the pictures taken all week, coz I couldn't post any pictures of my last posts since I was on my mum's iPhone, which I think I mentioned...

But Tanglooma is one of the prettiest places ever. Like, seriously. Just look.

Okay, so I admit I didn't actually take these photos, my mum's friend did. BUT SO PRETTTTY <3333

SAND TOBOGGANING. (LOOOL I decided to do this post under headings, seeing as I already explained everything in previous posts. But I'll re-explain them a bit)

So on the first day at tangalooma we went on this trip called the 'desert safari tour', which wasn't really a tour because we basically just took a bus to the desert and sand tobogganed down this 70m high sand dune. And got heaps of sand in our eyes, due to the constant sand storms.

after that bumpy bus ride which could have been compared to a simulator, we were in the desert

yeah...it was tiring

that sand dune we tobogganed down

that bus that took us there and those boards we used to toboggan

OOOOH AND WE SAW THE SUNSET. you might have seen the pro picture at the start of this post, but here's the picture I took.

And remember that I mentioned how my brother attempted to plank then fell into a hole? Well here is a picture tat was taken seconds before that.

Some more pictures of the island for you, taken by myself.


On our second day at tangalooma, we went quad biking. Yeah, I already explained that...

here is a picture of me on a quad bike. I have others, but they were bought and I'm no so sure on how to use our scanner...



After we went quad biking, we went parasailing, and omg it was the funnest thing I've ever done in my whole life. We were so high, and you could see really far...
I was freaking out a bit before hand, but yeaaah I think it was my favourite part of the whole trip.

on the boat before going up

got the instructor to take photos of us XD

on the boat after coming down

the boat we took out


After parasailing, we swam for a bit. THEN we went snorkeling out at the sunken ship wrecks.

some of the protruding wrecks

me being a cool kid

and the coolness just continues
us all on the boat
The fishes and coral were reeeeeeally pretty <3 except we left the waterproof camera on the beach, so we didn't get any photos .
OOOH AND I MENTIONED WE SAW A DUGONG. I didn't get any photos of it, but you can see in the next photo where it used to be.

and here' another one, just coz


So I mentioned at the start of the post that yesterday, we played all these free sports like ping pong, golf, croquet and archery, and here are some pictures from that XD




AND YAAAAAA. those are the photos I said I was gonna post...wait here's one more.

okay so I haven't figured out how to scan all the photos we took, but I might post them when I do...or not...depends on how cbf I feel.

So today we went shopping for some school stuff, and I WENT DRIVING!

Well, drove round a carpark for an hour because my mum doesn't trust me to go on the roads yet, but still. It was pretty cool.

Bought a bag as well. Normally I would attach a photo, but this post has taken a while and it's upstairs...which is not exactly close to where I am right now.

AND. school next week, but actually getting excited now.

OOH and I finally started my fashion blog. follow me :) --> www.nicoleanggraini.blogspot.com

LOL I'm so creative with the names.

Reading about 50 fashion blogs now, and my clothes are starting to feel very boring. fsdgbqehorgo too many pretty clothes on these blog. although i will say right now that there are some fashion bloggers out there who really shouldn't be fashion blogging...just sayin..

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