Thursday, May 31, 2012



I understand that the happy birthday wish in the title is quite pointless, cause I'm very sure that she doesn't read my blog, but OH WELL. YOLO.
what even.

Anyways, today was Sabi's birthday!
Made a chocolate cake last night, and got up suuuuuuper early this morning so we'd get to school before she did (she still beat us, but yolo), so I'm pretty tired right now. Not that I'm ever not tired, considering my average of 5 hours of sleep per night. (yolo)

the cake
It's all chocolatey, cause Sabi likes chocolate...

LOL we gave her this hugee amount of chocolate, because we're going to give her the actual present when she has her party, but everyone else also gave her heaps, and omg she had so much.

Birthday presents so far.  (Taken with instagram)
her presents

And have you heard? It's the last day of Autumn! Three hours until winter starts.....i do like winter.

Here are some more pictures from today. (stolen from Diem's blog because I didn't take any photos)

Okay, goodnight!


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

he followed her.


Today was a............Wednesday! [felt the need to establish that]
Anyways, this morning I had orchestra. LOL it was so funny......it actually wasn't, I have orchestra every week. Although there was one particular running joke about a fake tan that was quite hilarious...

Then we had assembly! Not as exciting as you would think. Not that I would expect anyone to think that assembly was that interesting. We watched this fencing display though, and it actually looked so cool. Except...yeah. Me trying to fence would be like a.....like a.....like an uncoordinated soldier trying to sword-fight. I would think of a better example for right there, but I'm pretty tired right now...

Although I did just watch the Cougar Town season finale, and oh. my. gosh. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. JULES AND GRAYSON GOT MARRIED, AND.....AND..............

I didn't say that.
As if anything could rival mondler.
But seriously, look.

I also love how David Arquette was in it...although I do suppose that he and Courteney are still married.....

Anyway, I love cougar town. If you don't watch it, you really should. Really really.

So onto more relevant topics; my piano exam is in four days, and I am not ready. Like, I have all my songs and everything and according to my teacher should get an A, but I'm not ready. Not mentally ready.
And maybe a teensy bit unprepared.
Except I'm actually really excited for it to be over with because then I'll be onto my AMUS, which is a lot more recognised than CMUS. Like, people will ask me what grade I'm on, and I'll be all
'Oh, I'm on CMUS'
then they'd just be all
*stares at blankly*

Okay, remember a couple of sentences ago when I said that i was excited for after my piano exam?
I take that back. Stand down is after my piano exam. Actually, I love stand down, because walking round the school doing whatever I want and sleeping in most days makes me feel really cool, except with stand down comes exams...which suck. Really really. Especially considering my current level of productiveness (have not studied since my chemistry report was due on Monday).

On a brighter note, tomorrow is Sabi's birthday! Gonna make a cake soon :) loool we bought her this whole big bunch of chocolate, because.....she loves chocolate.

It's gonna be great fun.

I'll see you tomorrow!

PS. Matthew Perry followed Courteney Cox, if you were wondering what my post title was referring to. Read my rant of joy here.

And while you're at it, read this outrageous post.


Monday, May 28, 2012

Chemistry, check.


So I can tick chemistry off of my assessment schedule because.....I'M DONE FOR THE TERM!

I still have my other five subjects, but still. A huge weight has been lifted, as I would say.
That's right. I quote myself. :B

And might I add right now- you all probably know by now that I've been added to f-r-i-e-n-d-s-confessions blog that I oh so loved, and have been making confessions :) WHICH HAS ACTUALLY BEEN SO FUN. [and www.friendscafe.org has totally become my favourite non-social networking website. It has like, every single picture from the casts' photoshoots, individual modelling photos, heaps of screen shots. It's just great, really]. Well anyways, someone sent in this confession;

Okay that pretty much sums up my exact view. And it got 54 notes, which is just awesomesauce. Or fabutastic, as I would say. <-- I did it again.

So anyways.
Chemistry is now off my shoulders! Although, stand down starts on Thursday next week, and my piano exam is on Sunday. :/

Ahh well. I not totally unprepared for everything. 

THIS MORNING, I caught the train that I sometimes catch when I really couldn't be bothered to get up early, which usually gets me to school at about quarter past eight, and Sonja waited for me at the train station. Our chemistry was due, so we figured that we could walk up to school by 8:15 then submit our chemistry then go to class, EXCEPT. THIS STUPID LIGHT. HAD US STANDING THERE. FOR ABOUT. 7. MINUTES. And we got to the staff-room at 8:21, right in time to see our teacher take the box away. THEN we spent ages trying to hand it in, and some teachers are mean, I tell you. THEY MEAN. Thank god for a couple of nice ones who actually did take ours. 

Now I'm going to upload a selfie because I've noticed that practically everyone who owns a blog does. Plus I think my hair looks nice in it. Although it is a bit close to my face for my liking, but eh. I'll live.

Good day, all.


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pride and Prejudice

Hello all!

Here's some news: I started reading again! LOL for those of you who don't know me- basically, I used to read a lot, then out of nowhere I just stopped. For no apparent reason. BUT YEAH gonna try actually finish a book this time.
But I'm not gonna tell you which book it is, coz I like to leave you in suspense.


My chemistry report is due tomorrow.


I've actually done everything except for the fertiliser bit though, so I'm not that screwed. ALTHOUGH I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to put in the fertiliser bit, so...you know.....

Also, piano exam next Sunday. Exactly one week.



Also, stand down starts Thursday week.


On a brighter note, only one month till I go to Indonesia!!!!!
Here's a picture of me at Borobudur.
Trust me, it's legit.

Okay, yes, yes, did that, did that, end of post.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Careers Evening


I understand that I've been neglecting this blog so much, but.....yeah okay, I have no point, I just felt that I haven't blogged in a while and needed to mention that.

Today, I went to career's evening! LOL I wasn't even going to go, but then today Sonja and I were just like 'It'd be pretty cool', and so at lunch today we went to see if we could still go.....and.....wait for it.....WE COULD!

:) :) ;)

Basically, careers evening is this evening where the school had in all these guest speakers to talk about their jobs, how to get there, degrees in their field, etc. There were three sessions, and we could choose to attend different speeches for each of the sessions. Sonja and I chose to do the education one, the engineering one and the law one!!!

It only started at 6:30, so we went to the city for a bit and went to typo, lovisa, Mcdonalds, etc.

sighhs we ran into heaps of people we knew in the city, and they were all like
then we were like
then they were all like


:) :)

Actually no. After today's speeches, I have decided that I would like to be a lawyer. A barrister.

LOL it's actually sad because I can't really picture myself as a barrister, but OH WELL.
At least now I'm aiming for something.

And the girl who was giving the speech was like
'it's best to have a duel degree so you stand out'
and therefore I'm considering doing either a law/psychology degree or a law/business degree. I think I'd prefer law/psychology, but my mum thought that a business degree would be better suited to law...
but anyways.

Here's some other exciting news- I GOT ADDED TO THE F-R-I-E-N-D-S-CONFESSIONS BLOG!
I was so excited when they invited me in, like seriously. I think my thing's still loading, because I don't have the ask-box messages yet, but I'M INNNNNN!

This post is just full of friends dance gifs. Well, two. Okay. Not that full. 

Till next time! x


Monday, May 21, 2012



You really needed to imagine that when I just said 'Hi', it was in a super depressed way. Like Ross. And if you don't get the reference, just leave.


Okay so yeah, today was a stupid day.
I had to get up super early, because my brother decided to join the choir. If you're thinking 'wtf' right now, we are in the same boat.

It's so weird- lately I've been using all these weird phrases. Like, today I said 'Average Joe'. Wtf is with that. 

Okay so back to complaining. 

Then in period three I had a physics exam. And OMFG i now hate physics. I'm kidding i love physics. But not after this test. I'm kidding. It's easy. The test was super hard. Which makes me hate physics. But I love physics. But...

Fml. It sucked, end of story.

THEN I had my violin competition in the afternoon, which also sucked and I made like 86285132 mistakes. 

Okay, end of post.

See you tomorrow.

If I could be bothered.


Saturday, May 19, 2012

I'm Back


I realise that this blog has been really neglected, probably because I'm screwed for like, practically everything. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

- My piano exam is in like, 2 weeks, and I really suck. (and I have a rehearsal performance tomorrow which I'm really not looking foreword to)

- My chemistry report is currently nonexistent, and I have to finish a draft by Monday.

- My physics test is on Monday, and.....omfg I know nothing.

- Violin competition on Monday, similar situation to piano- I suck.

and in conclusion, fml.

On a brighter note, yesterday was super cool. I basically attended one class all day, because in period 2 we had assembly and after that I had a Chinese excursion! The excursion was actually really cool because we went to UQ and they had this program where everyone who went split into three groups and rotated around these activities. The first one was a bit boring because it was just like...interpreting using this software thing. But the second was was really fun- LOL. We did this game thing where it was like...yeah it was fun. And they played this ridiculous song, which was SO FUNNY OMG. Like, it sounded like a really legitimate song (it was in Chinese), but when you look at the translations its like wtf.
Like, the lyrics were literally 'I'm sorryyyyy I can't speak Chineseeeee, I want to be friendsssssss'

Wait, here it is.

And yeahh, it was so catchy, it's actually still in my head.

Anyways, then the third activity was this tea-making thing, which was really cool as well, except the tea tasted funny :) And we also did this paper-cutting thing, where you were meant to fold this paper and cut it in the right places and when you opened it up, it would be the chinese character for happiness (?) or something. But LOL I failed. Mine actually looked really cool though, it just wasn't a proper character.

And yeahh XD

Then at night, we had a music concert, and Sonja, Sabi and I basically just bummed around at school playing piano and eating until 8.

Okay, got tennis now.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mayfest, Mothers Day, and some stuff after that


I realise that it's been ages since I blogged last...see the thing is, I can't really be bothered to blog these days. Even when heaps of stuff actually happens.
Anyway, you can expect a short-ish and brief post today :)


Last Saturday was Mayfest!!! Basically, Mayfest is my primary school fete which I went to every year while I was in primary school, and have been to every year since!

LOOOL I basically go for the food now. Like, I had tutor in the morning then went straight there, and none of my friends were there yet so I basically just ate everything. Here's a list of things that I ate:

- hot chips
- hot dogs
- plate of honey puffs
- water (if you wanna count that as eating
- like, 5 bags of chips
- all these lollies that I bought from the yummo lolly shop
- these home made marshmallows that were so good dfjigrondogrd

I SWEAR THERE WAS MORE. There was definitely more, I just can't remember it right now. Because I was constantly eating.

Anyway, my friends came then I basically went round eating even more food. And played sideshow alley for ages, and kept winning ridiculously large packets of chips (LOL Anahita won like, a quarter of the amount of stuff I won for the same amount of money :D)

I went on one ride... (the avalanche, always great) and we chatted for ages (new trolley group, WOO).

LOOOL at the end of the night, they always have fireworks, and my friends and I had been sitting on the basketball courts chatting for a while when they came on. So when they were about to start, we decided to get comfy and lie down (the wind was blowing directly to us, and the fireworks were so close that when we were lying down, we had the best view- they were literally exploding right above us). Anyways, one thing we didn't really consider was that because the wind was blowing directly at us, the smoke was going to come too. So LOL after a few fireworks were were basically just sitting in a big puff of smoke. Literally. And all the other people around us had gone away because of the smoke, but we were all comfy...

Anyways. It was fun.

So yeah...that was basically my Mayfest 2012. I would include pictures, but I forgot my camera! </3


On Sunday, it was Mothers Day, so we all went out to Sizzler's for lunch.
End of story. :)


Swimming, ugh.


I realise that I'm actually quite behind on...well, everything really. I needa finish my chemistry pronto...and I've done very little. which is sad.

So sad, in fact, that I won't go into it anymore.

I also think that it's worth mentioning that today is also Monica and Chandler's 11 year anniversary.

Okay, that's all I have to say for now!

Goodnight x


Friday, May 11, 2012

Just 30 cents


Yes, I know that I have ditched you, yes...dfgnivownergwrn. I have nothing to say for myself.

I'm sure you've heard- soft-serves from McDonald's are now only 30 cents. LOL that was pretty much what convinced me to start taking the bus home from school now, and I've actually gotten a soft-serve everyday for the last four days. #healthyliving

Here's a hilarious story for you.
On Tuesday (day one of my new bus-ness), Sonja, Sabi and I (LOL in physics our teacher was going on about how you should never put yourself first. da da da duuuuuummmmmm) were on the bus discussing how cheap the soft serves were, and Sabi was like
'woah, you could buy 100 soft-serves for $30!'
then Sonja was like
'loool that would be so funny'
then i was like
'yeah lol'

[okay, i can't actually remember exactly what we said, and I'd like to believe that I contributed more than just 'yeah lol' to this conversation]

Anyway, after all this discussion we decided that we were actually going to go and (fake) order 100 soft-serves. So we went up to the guy and sabi was like
'could we have 100 soft serves please?' *gets out $30*
then the guy was practically like

We didn't end up going through with the purchase [what would we do with 100 soft-serves?], but it was really funny all the same :)

On Wednesday, we caught the bus again (as we did all week) and went to typo! (after getting our soft-serves)
I seriously love typo, not even kidding. I bought these two things.....wait, here's a photo. 

As you all know, I looooove anything to do with New York. And @ signs are just plain cool. And together they say @ NEW YORK. +151583213158
On Thursday, we just got soft-serves then bought Diem cookies then left.
Today, Sonja and I went to do photo-stickers! I would post our thing, but I really cbf and I suck at decorating so they aren't so great.
Here are some other things that I did today:
- FINALLY UNDERSTOOD MY CHEM!!! #ACCOMPLISHED (i didn't even have chem today, we were just talking about it in Physics.)
- Swimming. Ugh. 
- Got the stimulus for my physics exam next Friday. I understand it and all.....but ugh.

By the way, when I went to Vanessa's party on Monday, Vanessa and Sonja both gave me my really super-dooper belated birthday presents. Here are pictures.

From Sonjaa

Sonja's card. (WOO)

from Vanessa

Sonja also got me this super cool cupcake memo pad thing but I forgot to take a picture of it :(

Okay I'm getting sick of typing now,
Mayfest tomorrow! Get exciteddddd!!!!!!!


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

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