Friday, July 27, 2012

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So I come to you almost two weeks after returning from Indonesia with my Indonesia 4 post! I'll probably split this into an Indonesia 4 post and an Indonesia 5 post because there are a LOT of pictures.

So the night before we went to Jogja, we went to church. My cousins' church is actually so different to Australian churches, I'm not even kidding. It was this special teens service, and it was like a socializing group which talked about God. Like, we had to split into groups and wrote stuff that we could do to help people, etc, etc.

our list

my cousins' friends :)

Flight from Jakarta to Jogja

at the airport

Palace in Solo

Welcome mat.


Carriage that held the royal family.

Rice grinder thing.

Prambanan Temple!

I later found out that those things that we're leaning on that go all around are, in my mum's words, 'A male sex organ stuck on top of a female sex organ'.

Inside the temple.


Inside of a different tower.

It's getting pretty late now so I'll do the rest of the days tomorrow.


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Super Quick Post


This'll be a quick post, cause I know I haven't posted in a while.

Okay, on Thursday and Friday, we had school photos, yep yep.

On Saturday I had tennis then tutor, yep yep.

Today I had a piano concert then chinese tutor, yep yep.

Okay end of post.
Still needa do my Jogja post.....
oh well.

BTW, I made a youtube channel and uploaded this video of me playing my version of 'Someone Like You' by Adele. It sucks, and there are heaps of mistakes, but watch it anyway.


Okay more tomorrow.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012



Okay, I will get to my holiday diary.....eventually. Ahh, I'm so lazy. All I really needa do is photograph the handwritten one I did and include photos.


So I started school yesterday!

I seriously am missing the holidays already though. Still nine and a half more weeks. fdgjkbshtgruih. I actually only came home two days ago, but it feels like foreveeerrrrrrrrrrr ><

So here's a summary of the past two days in dot points, because I like them better than paragraphs.

- Found out I made the open team for tennis
- Have managed to not study at all yet, despite deciding before school started that I was going to study every night this term.
- Power in my house stopped working last night, causing me to not blog.
- Sonja came back to school today, with a bandaged toe.
- Sonja gave us presents from Europe :) She gave us...this tin box from Paris, this chocolate shower gen from Amsterdam and bubblegum mentos from somewhere. :)
- Bought chocolate.
- Diem ran into a fire extinguisher.

Okay, that basically sums up my two days :)

I've been watching a lot of modern family lately cause I bought all the seasons from Indonesia when I went...

Here's a fun fact: DID YOU KNOW that I haven't watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S. in over a week? Like, I haven't watched since before I went to Jogja. Granted, I watched like 20 hours the day before I went, but I haven't watched at all since.
Of course, I have reasoning. Like, I couldn't bring my laptop to Jogja meaning that I couldn't watch. Then they didn't have it on the plane. Then on Monday night, I was super sleepy and modern family was already in my laptop so I just watched that. Then last night there was a power outage. Interestingly, I still watched modern family though. Hmm...

I feel deprived. Although I have been exposed to a very large number of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. gifs.


gifs are nothing, I'mm gonna go watch now.


Monday, July 16, 2012

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Non-Clothes Purchases


I realise that I haven't uploaded my holiday diary yet...mainly because I cbf. But instead, here are most of my  purchases discluding clothes and jewellery because all of them are a bit hard to locate :)

wooden becak

my super cool batik jogja hat

a present from Dhamma!

bag from a market

a model of the bell shaped things of Borobudur with the buddha inside that I bought from a market. I was totally proud of my bargaining with this one- got it from 50,000rp to 15,000rp. :)

my new cross necklace!

another bag from a market

this Indonesian traditional massage-healing-thing.

Lipstick was cheap there. Got them both for about equivalent AU$9.

pens for ma frans.

bracelets...for ma frans.

wrap-around batik skirt.

batik shirt.

pencil case.


this batik print stamp that this guy stamped my paper with while we were at the batik factory.

batik scarf.


another wallet. or coin purse if that's what you prefer.

another wallet.

a nice looking belt.

skirt for Diem.

shirts for ma frans.

DVDs were cheeeeap.

my bongo drum that I got from the airport for about AU$4.50

bracelets from outside Prambanan.

key-rings for ma frans.

bookmarks for ma frans.


this toy this which makes these really loud noises when you shake it.

traditional Indonesian puppet.

Hopefully I'll bring you my holiday diary tomorow!
Although school is starting, which kinda sucks.


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