Sunday, September 30, 2012

River Fire


As I mentioned in my last post, last night I went to River Fire!

River Fire is basically this annual thing in Brisbane where there are all these planes that fly round and boats and stuff then there are fireworks all along the Brisbane River.
Okay, I'm not sure if my explanation is that good, but you get the basic idea.

This year, I went with a couple of my mum's friends and Jessie, and it was really nice :)
We spent ages sitting round doing nothing (lol eating everything) but when the fireworks started they were really pretty XD

After the fireworks, we went to quickly check out the lantern festival at South bank, and I got a pizza for dinner.

we sew healthyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Brisbane Eye? Or wheel of Brisbane? who even knows.

lantern festival


And that's about it for now!


Saturday, September 29, 2012

Gold Coast!


My apologies for having abandoned you for a good...two days, but I've been away at the Gold Coast :)

On Thursday we drove down and stayed at this hotel that was literally right in the middle of everything- like, about 100m to the left of it was the beach, and Surfers Paradise was on the right, so it was pretty great :)

On Thursday, we got there then went to this 7D cinema think, and I'm yet to figure out what all of the dimensions are, but it was like one of those simulation rides except with a 3D screen (and glasses), water falling from the roof and those spray things under your chair. Thennn we went out to dinner at Hakataya which is just my favourite noodle restaurant ever. There's actually one near my house...but oh well. Still tasted really good.

Then yesterday, we woke up super early (7:00) and went whale watching! That was actually really fun, because we were on this boat that was going...fast. And the front of the boat where we sat was super bumpy. Like, literally. And we saw whales, which was really cold.
Although it was pretty windy.
I actually (kind of) managed to get a picture of one of the whales that we saw, which is better than all of my brother's pictures which are just of like, water.

Then we ate lunch at this Korean restaurant :)

After lunch, we went to the beach! Yeah okay I just figured out that we're going to River Fire tonight (lol jokes I already knew) and am now rushing so...

So we went to the beach, which was fun, then ate dinner at the hard Rock cafe, which tasted dfgbjswbetguwr so good. Although I didn't know any of the songs, if I was meant to...

Thennnnnnnnnnnnnnn.....this morning, we went and ate then went to the beach again, until we got sick of it and came home :)

Hakataya noodles!

Excuse the dodginess.

Our hotel.

Whale watching 

In the boat...

You can kind of see the whale here...

Gold Coast skyline!

The sky was super clear.


The harbour

Korean fried rice for lunch! LOL forgot to photo it before I ate some...

View from our hotel room.

yep yep yep nice squinting there yep yep yep

Fish and chips at The Hard Rick Cafe!


Cold Rock woot woot

Beach beach.

Gold Coast

It was probably thinking evil thoughts.

Lol okay I just took a long break there...so I'm back from River Fire now, but I'll post about that a bit later LOL.

Anyways, till next time.


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