Monday, December 31, 2012

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New Years Eve


Just a quick update.

Yesterday we went to Laser tag, which was really fun even though I apparently really suck.

Actually, I came 6th and 8th out of 10 people so *technically* I'm not the worst.

ANDDD currently I'm in my cousins' room at this 6 star hotel. I thought that 5 star was the best but APPARENTLY not.
This room is really nice though, like its massive and has huge windows to view the fireworks.

We're just staying here till dinner in half an hour then there's apparently this New Years display thing.

Idek but it sounds cool 😎

I meant to do a 2012 recap post but I haven't had access to a computer so I'll just do it at the start of next year when I get home 😎


Sunday, December 30, 2012




These last few says, I've been at kusuma where I haven't had much Internet access, so I wasn't able to blog. BUTTT now I'm at Pakubuwono again so all's good.

I really don't remember what I did at kusuma without wifi, watched a lot of movies, played with Dhamma, went shopping with Emily, got my birthday cake designed and went to Ratu Plaza again today.

Actually that was everything I've done, since I only stayed there for 3 nights.


It's so weird, I went to church today and then came to Pakubuwono (since we're going to laser tag tomorrow, then I'll go back to kusuma) then we found out that the water went out at kusuma, so it was like super convenient for us that we came here.

Anyway, today I went to Ratu Plaza again and bought a truckload of DVDs (first season of Lost, first to fourth season of Scrubs, first and second season of Dirt, and all these movies and CDs).

And yaah.

Omg. I don't think I've blogged since I designed my birthday cake.
So it's the coolest cake ever (lol I'm doubting my designing skills but IT'S THE COOLEST CAKE EVER EVEN IF IT ENDS UP LOOKING FUNNY). Anyway, it's basically me sitting on the central perk couch watching friends on tv on top of this two level cake. And the sides of the top level has a kind of flowery design and its a creamy colour. And the bottom cake is light purple like the colour of the friends
walls and on the front will be 'Happy 17th Birthday Nicole' in the friends font. And on the back will be the peephole :) :) :) AND AND AND there's gonna be a central perk coffee mug next to it, made out of cake. And it'll be on a platter which looks like hardwood floors. WOOOOOOOOOOOO


Wednesday, December 26, 2012



Hi guys!

Today is Boxing Day, and last Boxing Day I made my first post :)

Here's a star for sticking with me this year: 🌟

Today, I went to the hospital again to get my injection, then went back to Kusuma and ate before coming back to Pakubuwono.

After I pack my stuff, I'll be moving to Kusuma because appaz the maid her is sick.

They don't have wifi at Kusuma :( :( :( so I probably won't be able to post too much...I'll do my best though.

And soon enough I'll do my 2012 recap post, but toodleoo for now!

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Hi hi hi!

Today is Christmas, and the celebrations began last night!

Last night, we went to church, then after church, we went out for dinner at Pesto, which is this restaurant that we usually eat at when we come to Jakarta.

Today, we had family come over for lunch. My mum's been in Semarang visiting other relatives for the last couple of days, so my parents didn't come, but everything was still super yummo :) :)

Christal baked brownies this morning as well, and asdfghjkl they were so good 😍

I did get a few presents, but I'll upload a picture of them once I've got them all gathered.


Monday, December 24, 2012


This Week


Okay here's the next few days in dot point form:

- On Tuesday I went shopping with Emily and bought 2 CDs. We ate pizza and I had issues with the language barrier and managed to order over a litre of sprite just for myself.
- On Wednesday we went ice-skating because it was Christal's birthday. We ate out at this Japanese pasta restaurant for lunch and had a very large cake.
- On Thursday I went to Mangadua (this large market inside a building sort of place) and bought my formal dress and a couple of jeans and some stationary.
- On Friday some relatives (my second and third cousins) came over and we went swimming and played lots of card games, etc. The world did not end (and I made a nice vlog about that which I'll upload whenever I can).
- On Saturday (yesterday) I went to Ratu Plaza which is this shopping centre with heaps of cheap electronics. I got heaps of movies and a pair of headphones.

Anndddddd I'll blog about today in another post!

*pictures not in order*


Saturday, December 22, 2012


Another Day


Last Monday, I had to go to the hospital pretty early to get my needle. After the needle, we went to get phone plans then just went back to kusuma and I played with my little cousin Dhamma for a while before heading back to my cousins' apartment and playing some cards :)

Can I also just say now that recently I've watched all of Rules of Engagement and it's really really good. Like nothin will ever threaten FRIENDS as my favourite show but it's coming pretty close.

Ps I have some vlogs that I've been doing but I'm having trouble uploading them so...


Friday, December 21, 2012

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The Zoo

Hi guys!

I seem to be posting about everything a couple of days after they happen so...oh well.

On the fifteenth, so that was a few days ago, my brother, the maid and I went to Singapore Zoo! I'm normally not that big on zoos, but Singapore zoo is actually really fun.

We got there in the morning then basically walked round for a bit having a look all the animals before going and getting an elephant ride and feeding the elephants as well :) :)

I actually bought a photo of us on the elephant, but I'm in Jakarta now and I left it in Singapore for us to collect on the way home so I won't be able to upload them.

Anyway, it was really cool :D

We also got the see the pandas which were sent to the zoo only last month from China, and I got myself some super cool things from the gift shop; these panda slippers, this tiger beanie/hat and this pig lamp.

I actually don't have access to a computer with Internet (Emily is permanently on it) Sonoma posting from my phone again, which means that all the photos will be out of order. You can piece then together of you want, though.


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