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I realise that I haven't actually updated about anything since I got home, so I'll try to get it all into this post unless I get lazy and give up.


lol I don't get out that much.

The day after I got home, Cougar Town started again! CT is actually like one of my favourite shows, and when it came out, so did all these CC interviews which was perf.

Then the next day, I went over to Diem's and we went to the city to shop. I hadn't been shopping in ages  (by ages I mean that I actually shopped heaps in Indonesia but for the sake of this I'm not gonna count that) so I ended up buying like 5 pairs of shoes which was not very convenient to carry around but I managed somehow.

Annnnnnnnnnnnd pancake manor, of course, where I ordered the exact same thing that I order every time I go cause I just love change.

Btw, I feel like i should mention that Chrome is being a little bitch at the moment and not letting me upload anything so I may have temporarily switched back to Explorer until I get over this rage.

Shoe purchases.

I swear, I think I've gotten pretty good at temple run these holidays.

The next few days, I really have no idea. Like, I literally just woke up sometime in the afternoon everyday then internetted until the next morning then repeated same cycle. I did a bit of driving (lol which btw I'm really failing at. I'm currently on about 30 hours and I don't think I'm gonna be getting off that any time soon).

Cleaned my room and organised all my stuff.

On the 13th, I went out to lunch at this Japanese restaurant with the fam to celebrate my birthday with the people that I didn't get a chance to celebrate it with on my actual birthday due to the fact that Indonesia is pretty far away.
Okay that was  really long sentence and idek if I ever got to my point oh well.

After lunch, we went out shopping to buy a new laptop for me and a new TV cause all our stuff coincidentally broke at once.

Granted, it was probably not the smartest purchase in the world considering I don't actually own a Blu-ray player but you know? I don't even care.



We did not end up buying what we went to the shop for.

The next day (I'm at 14th of Jan now), I went over to Diem's house again. Not again, for the first time these holidays. Okay.

It was so cool- on friends, in TOW the Embryos, the friends have a quiz thing where they try to figure out who knew each other better by asking all these questions. 

("What is Chandler Bing's job?"

Anyway, we figured we'd try that, so we did! And we also did a 'Who knows friends better?' quiz. I lost the first one, but smashed Diem's face in the second. :) :)

Thennn we went shopping, naturally. I bought a couple more pairs of shoes, a playsuit, two bras and two shirts!

When we got back to Diem's house, we watched the friends on Blu-ray discs that I had brought (they have new features and I can't watch it at home ALTHOUGH HOPEFULLY WE'LL GET A BLU-RAY PLAYER SOON) and it was seriously amaze. Like the time when I was watching the all new gag-reel was probably the best seven minutes of my entire life, it was so good. AND THERE WERE SO MANY MATTENEY MOMENTS OMG <3

The playsuit.


A healthy and nutritious lunch.


Afterwards, we went to the shops to buy my new laptop, and we actually bought one this time! It's really cool. It's touch screen and light and <33333333333333

I'll admit, it was a bit difficult learning how to use it because it's Windows 8 which is pretty different to Windows 7, but I'm used to it now so it's just really cool. 

Windows 8 menu.

Okay, that was four days ago, and I can say right now that I have literally not gotten out of my pajamas since then.
I got tweeted a few times though by famous people and my brother's friend came over, if that counts.

Basically, my life is twitter.

Here are basically the next few days in a few photos.

My brother is getting into this weird fitness thing where he goes jogging and biking all the time which is good for me because he runs places that sell nice food and brings them back for me.

This happened !!!!!

Played Risk with my brother's friend when he came over.

This happened today.

This also happened today.

This also happened today. Actually, not that long ago.

w0ah that was a long post, but YAY now I'm full updated!

Brace yourself for some nothing posts during the next few days. Although my party is on Sunday.

But still, brace yourself.



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