Wednesday, January 16, 2013



Hi guys!

Since that birthday post took way longer than expected to upload, I haven't had a chance to update about the rest of my Indonesia/Singapore trip but FEAR NOT cause I'll update now.

lol you were so scared.

Anyway, the day after my party, I went shopping with Mak Sian to buy earrings for my birthday! I was deciding between two pairs, and she ended up buying me both :) :)
After that, we went out the The Satay Hut for lunch, which kinda sucked considering I'm allergic to nuts which is like the primary ingredient in Satay, but I ended up getting chicken and rice and it was really yummo.
Thennn we flew to Singapore and checked into the hotel, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc.

We spent the next day in Singapore at Sentosa!

Last time we went to Sentosa, we didn't get to go to Megazip, which is like superfantabulisticly cool, so naturally we went this time.
I did a couple of high ropes courses then the zip line, but the first ropes course I did o-m-g some people in front of us were being ridic slow so I was sitting up there there for like an hour. The other one was all g though cause it was a higher level and I think the people in front of me realised that they sucked so obviously wouldn't start the higher level.
Then we went to Luge again which was gr8 fun :)

On the 7th, we checked out of the hotel and went to Villa Marina, where I basically just internetted on my phone for a few hours. I discovered this fanfic called 'Severed Ties', which I read all through an d it was asdfghjkl SO GOOD OMG. 

After that, we went to the airport, ate lunch, then flew back to Brisbane!

This was actually breakfast.


A really tightly compressed bun on the plane.

 Annnnddddd that was the rest of my holiday!
I've got loads more to update on, but I'll do that later cause I don't like too much to be in one post.



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