Saturday, February 9, 2013


Highs and Lows

Hi guys!
Wow, I realise that it's been so so so long since I last posted, and I wish I could say something other than that's because I've been lazy but .......................
Anyway, so much has happened these last couple of weeks that  I thought I'd just do a quick summary then caption the pictures.
End of the holidays
The Christmas holidays finally ended about two weeks ago :( It really felt like such a short holiday, like it didn't feel like 8 weeks had gone past at all.
There were also lots of floods going on around Queensland, and people's power went out (not mine!), public transport was being annoying, etc, etc.
And of course, I spent the last few days of the holidays doing what I do best; watching TV and tweeting.
Federer is winning here, but he ended up losing :(
Which sucks.

One of my twitter friends taught me how to write my name in Hebrew!!
Start of Year 12!

Walk to the bus stop on the first day of school.
My mum dropped a TV on her foot and ended up breaking her toe, so she was unable to drive anywhere for a while, meaning that I had to take public transport everywhere :/

Froyo after school at the new froyo place in the city!

Allocating the people in our group a FRIENDS character each >:)
Proof that I can actually open a water bottle, despite what Diem might tweet.

Starbucks after school with Sabi.

My wardrobe broke the night before music camp!
Music Camp/Sleepover at Sabi's!

Last Friday (1st February 2013 to 3rd February), I went to my last music camp ever! Sonja didn't go, but Sabi did, and it was actually so much fun :) PS we got a new conductor this year and he's amaze.
Due to my mum's broken toe and the fact that she couldn't drive, I slept over at Sabi's on Sunday night, which was super fun.




Okay funny story. Sabi and I were like 'let's take some selfies in the dark' (btw this was after everyone was asleep) and so we did, but the flash was a lot brighter than we had anticipated so the other two people in our room (Katie W and Helen) thought it was lightning (it was raining outside and we'd actually been issued a storm warning) and we decided to go along with it and yeah it was funny.

Selfie cause I'm cool.

Creepy selfie with Sabi that is currently my lock screen.

Lasagna sandwich cause we're inventive. 


Sabi and Amaara!

We went out for drinks.

Pizza for dinner!

What we did with the capsicum that I took off my pizza.


Being cool cause we're cool.

Not normal.

On Tuesday, I had an ESP orientation at UQ (I signed on to do a Law course this year), and asdfghjkl my photo on my card is at such an angle my gosh.

My formal dress arrived on Tuesday!!

Butter chicken my fave for lunch at school.

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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS WAS ON WEDNESDAY BUT I'M STILL SCREAMING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Despite the matteney thing, Wednesday was actually really sad for everyone though. A couple of weeks ago my Opa Kong (my great-uncle) had a stroke, and he died on Wednesday. And it really sucks cause he was actually the nicest person ever, like he always came to the house when we came to Indonesia and he was so happy. Like he was a phychiatrist and he literally dedicated his life to finding out how to be happy and used to tell us all about it and stuff when we visited the graveyard of my grandpa and great grandparents (his brother and parents that he'll be buried with now).
Today, we went to church with Oma (his sister) and Lillian to pray for him then went out to dinner, and I found out that my big party that I had for my 17th birthday was the last gathering that he ever attended, and he was super happy afterwards cause he loved having the whole family together.
So yeah..
Last year at the graveyard. He's the man standing directly behind me, two rows up.

Hope you all had a good week x


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