Sunday, March 31, 2013

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Last Week

Hey guys!

I've been on holidays for the la few days, and it occurred to me that I haven't posted about the last week yet so

It honestly does not feel like the holidays. Like, It's Sunday today, and I feel like I should be going to school tomorrow or something. Last term went ridic fast asdfghjkl

ANYWAY, here's what's been happening this past week. *Hopefully* I'll be posting more now since I'm on holidays :)

Last Sunday

Last Sunday, Diem, Sonja, Sabi and I went to the city to celebrate Diem's 17th birthday! Basically, we called it 'Food Day' (so much so that Sabi didn't actually realise that it was to celebrate Diem's birthday until we were at Pancake Manor and she realised that she didn't have to pay for her meal) and the aim of the day was to eat at as many different places as we could >:D We'd originally planned to go to like 123456789 different places (123456789 standing for 7) but two of the places were closed and we only ended up eating at 2. We were still really full afterwards though. 

In between the different restaurants/places to eat, we did some shopping. I pocked up some new moisturiser, some posters, CD's and also a really good book (Kris Jenner's autobiography WHICH IS REALLY GOOD OKAY DON'T JUDGE)

We also went photo-stickering and omg it was the funniest thing ever. Half the photos are just big fails, but they turned out okay and it was really fun :)

While we were doing everything, we also spent our time contiguously texting each other fantastical selfies which now basically fill up my phone :L

Waiting for Sabi at Pancake Manor


Froyo from Noggi!

Sushi :)

In the picture in the top right-hand corner, Sonja literally headbutted me while trying to get into the picture, if that explains the dodginess.


Selfies >:D


Monday was the last day of stand-down, and we had our practice QCS exam! It was basically two exams, short response and writing, and it was actually so sad. Like for my writing, the topic was 'flight', and I ended up writing a whole essay on what life would be like if humans had wings AHAHAHA yeah it really sucked.

After the exams, Sabi, Diem and I went to McDonald's and basically just ate all our troubles away. I actually had a Chinese exam the next day, but I conveniently forgot my purse/keys and couldn't get in the house so after McDonald's I basically just sat at the train station reading Wuthering Heights (my English novel for next term) until my mum got there.


On Tuesday, classes started again. In the morning, I had my Chinese writing exam (which was cancelled the week before) and it went pretty well. I also got a couple of my marks back, and the rest of my marks were given back during the week. I'm actually really happy with my marks this term- I basically improved/stayed the same in all my subjects except Maths C which just sucks stupid dynamics. >:(

Okay but actually yeah I was pretty happy with my marks LOL

On Tuesday, we also had an antips meeting where we were sorted into our travel groups! I was actually so relieved that I'm in a good group (AKA Diem is in my group since she's like my only friend going lolol)


On Wednesday we had cross country!

If you know me at all, you will know that I'm not exactly a marathon runner #shockgasp so cross-country generally isn't my favourite event of the year, but this year I actually had a lot of fun!

Usually, Diem just ditches us all, but this year she like forced me to run which turned out to be alright. We ended up running most of the way then walking up the hills and stuff :)

I ended up coming 66th (totally my favourite number) (oh wow I can't even joke about that I really don't like that number).

Mackay roll-call
Mackay roll-call

My buddy and I with some photo-bombers.


cool cool cool.

Selfies with DM


Fun selfies with Shannon.

And of course I can't forget the matteney reunion!! But I won't talk about that here since it's awesome enough to get a post of its own when I get round to it.


Thursday was our last day of the term! We spent basically the whole day just getting results back and whatnot, then celebraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate. >:D
And after school, I went formal dress shopping with Sonja!


Hmm...I honestly can't even remember what I did on Friday. I know I didn't do anything productive though.
All I've got to show for Friday are many many selfies, and I'm in my pajamas in all of them if that says anything.
I did start watching Seinfeld though. It's pretty good.


Yesterday I went shopping with my mum!

This shop near us was having this sale, so we went and got a new camera for me and my mum got a new laptop for herself :)

I'm actually in love with my new camera. IT'S SO COOL ASDFGHJKL
And the rest of my Saturday was spent figuring out how to use it >:D



Today is Lauren's birthday, and to celebrate she invited me to her birthday picnic! It was just a few of her friends and family, and we basically just went to Southbank, chatted heaps, played the chocolate game and twister and ate :)
We also played Taboo which was sdfghjk actually really fun. Like I've seen them play it on Ellen but I'd never actually played it before- it's like, you have a word and you have to describe it and get others to guess it, but there are some words that you aren't allowed to say (always the most obvious ones). LOL we played for aggggess then it started to get boring so we ended up making up all these random rules :L

I went in the morning, then got home at about 3 and just bummed around not achieving anything for the rest of the day :) :)



This really good vanilla slice that Anahita made :)

Cake >:)

So that's about it so far.
Hopefully I'll get to update more now that I'm on holidays!


Tuesday, March 26, 2013



so it turns out that blogger isn't blocked at school.

and im at school.

in english.


was pretty happy with my mark.

shall post properly tonight.


please enjoy a segment from Joy:

hello everyone! :) don't really know what to write about .. nicole is being very slack in english .. she really should do her short story

what a fantastic post.


Sunday, March 24, 2013

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Hey guys!
Wow, t's actually been ages since I've done a proper post :S
Anyway, stand down is basically over  and o m g this week was so stressful I can't even.
On Monday, we had Maths B which was actually okay, like I could do everything which was a good sign. LOL except for the last question, I kept getting equations that I couldn't solve so my answer is literally like:
therefore x=1
Then on Tuesday I had my Chemistry exam which I think went pretty well too.
Thennnnn it was kind of a downhill slope.
Maths C I basically just couldn't do like half the MAPS problems so I have working which just kind of stops half way down the page.
The Physics on Friday was just a massive fail. Like, the test was ridic hard and had all of this stuff on it which we barely even learnt so.....defs looking forward to getting that one back.
And I kind of skipped over Thursday. On Thursday, I was supposed to have my Chinese reading and writing tests except apparently, the computers which we were meant to do them on weren't working so we ended up just doing the reading test and we're gonna do the writing test on Tuesday. It kinda sucks cause now I still have one exam but oh well.
Literally this entire week has been like
*test* *home* *study* *sleep* *test* *home* *study* *sleep*
dhukahdjakjkakdnjkdhdhugegcyjbcjhhjc so glad it's over.
These last few weeks have been pretty uneventful. Actually I'm only saying that because I can't remember anything that happened.
I know I went to Melbourne for IYPT which was really fun and we came third! A big step up from the last couple of years. :)
Anywhoo I guess I'll just do a photo-caption post.

we won this gift pack from B105 :)

Maths B-ing


I laughed


New PJ pants :) :)

Diem's birthday cake. 'It's like it's on fire!' [I hope you got that friends reference] [or you suck]

how did I ever have any friends?
This was a while ago so I can't exactly remember what site I went on but it was something zizzled or twizzled or .
i don't think it was mizzled.

Books To Devour competition at school! Basically everyone had to create a cake of one of their favourite books, and wow some people are good at baking.
I didn't enter since I don't read or bake but it was fun looking at all the cakes :)

The winning cake!

so much detail omg

Twirl ripped me off

Still laughing.

One day, Sabi and I decided to walk the alternative way to the city cause we like to mix things up.

The alternative way has good views.

Perks of living in Australia.

So this happened on the way to school sometime a couple of weeks ago.

At Melbourne! I took shockingly little photos while I was down there, but basically my IYPT team consisted of Sophie, Rachel and myself and we basically just went to Melbourne and went to the tournament and ate and that was basically it. It was really fun though!

That was a really good burger.

Selfies on the plane cause cool.

Yeah we took a lot.


Got our formal invites! We found out that the theme is going to be Old Hollywood (totally what I voted for) and the invites were so pretty!

The invites!

Monica and Chandler trended worldwide! I was seriously so excited.

Convos with the bro

Bi-Grammar touch! You should have seen the photo on Diem's phone, where I was legit like 1930185890283 metres taller than her. Hold on I'll actually go find it now.

Found it. And yes, I am actually that tall.

Violin concert last Friday.

Basically my entire week.

Sonja being optimistic for physics.

Some more optimism.

Oh Siri you're so funny.

My phone has.such a great sense of humour.

Mos Burger yesterday to celebrate the end of stand down!

Sonja's and Sabi's froyo AHAHAHAH it was seriously the funniest thing and everyone around us was judging us. Like literally, even this policeman walked past the window and was like whaaaaaat.

Okay we were trying to get a photo of their shirts for ages and they kept looking at us, so we thought that they'd noticed us trying to take a picture of them, but it turned out that they were just trying to take a picture of our froyo LOL

Guess where those two went.

Finishing their froyo.

They finished it.

Their trophy.

So that's basically been my last few weeks! :)
Since I got home yesterday, I've basically just been catching up on all my TV shows like Kourtney and Kim take Miami, Cougar Town, Go On, Rules of Engagement, and I'm just about to go and have a friends marathon with myself.

And speaking of friends, there's going to be a matteney reunion on Go On in three day!


So excited you have no idea.

Till next time.

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