Sunday, March 24, 2013

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Hey guys!
Wow, t's actually been ages since I've done a proper post :S
Anyway, stand down is basically over  and o m g this week was so stressful I can't even.
On Monday, we had Maths B which was actually okay, like I could do everything which was a good sign. LOL except for the last question, I kept getting equations that I couldn't solve so my answer is literally like:
therefore x=1
Then on Tuesday I had my Chemistry exam which I think went pretty well too.
Thennnnn it was kind of a downhill slope.
Maths C I basically just couldn't do like half the MAPS problems so I have working which just kind of stops half way down the page.
The Physics on Friday was just a massive fail. Like, the test was ridic hard and had all of this stuff on it which we barely even learnt so.....defs looking forward to getting that one back.
And I kind of skipped over Thursday. On Thursday, I was supposed to have my Chinese reading and writing tests except apparently, the computers which we were meant to do them on weren't working so we ended up just doing the reading test and we're gonna do the writing test on Tuesday. It kinda sucks cause now I still have one exam but oh well.
Literally this entire week has been like
*test* *home* *study* *sleep* *test* *home* *study* *sleep*
dhukahdjakjkakdnjkdhdhugegcyjbcjhhjc so glad it's over.
These last few weeks have been pretty uneventful. Actually I'm only saying that because I can't remember anything that happened.
I know I went to Melbourne for IYPT which was really fun and we came third! A big step up from the last couple of years. :)
Anywhoo I guess I'll just do a photo-caption post.

we won this gift pack from B105 :)

Maths B-ing


I laughed


New PJ pants :) :)

Diem's birthday cake. 'It's like it's on fire!' [I hope you got that friends reference] [or you suck]

how did I ever have any friends?
This was a while ago so I can't exactly remember what site I went on but it was something zizzled or twizzled or .
i don't think it was mizzled.

Books To Devour competition at school! Basically everyone had to create a cake of one of their favourite books, and wow some people are good at baking.
I didn't enter since I don't read or bake but it was fun looking at all the cakes :)

The winning cake!

so much detail omg

Twirl ripped me off

Still laughing.

One day, Sabi and I decided to walk the alternative way to the city cause we like to mix things up.

The alternative way has good views.

Perks of living in Australia.

So this happened on the way to school sometime a couple of weeks ago.

At Melbourne! I took shockingly little photos while I was down there, but basically my IYPT team consisted of Sophie, Rachel and myself and we basically just went to Melbourne and went to the tournament and ate and that was basically it. It was really fun though!

That was a really good burger.

Selfies on the plane cause cool.

Yeah we took a lot.


Got our formal invites! We found out that the theme is going to be Old Hollywood (totally what I voted for) and the invites were so pretty!

The invites!

Monica and Chandler trended worldwide! I was seriously so excited.

Convos with the bro

Bi-Grammar touch! You should have seen the photo on Diem's phone, where I was legit like 1930185890283 metres taller than her. Hold on I'll actually go find it now.

Found it. And yes, I am actually that tall.

Violin concert last Friday.

Basically my entire week.

Sonja being optimistic for physics.

Some more optimism.

Oh Siri you're so funny.

My phone has.such a great sense of humour.

Mos Burger yesterday to celebrate the end of stand down!

Sonja's and Sabi's froyo AHAHAHAH it was seriously the funniest thing and everyone around us was judging us. Like literally, even this policeman walked past the window and was like whaaaaaat.

Okay we were trying to get a photo of their shirts for ages and they kept looking at us, so we thought that they'd noticed us trying to take a picture of them, but it turned out that they were just trying to take a picture of our froyo LOL

Guess where those two went.

Finishing their froyo.

They finished it.

Their trophy.

So that's basically been my last few weeks! :)
Since I got home yesterday, I've basically just been catching up on all my TV shows like Kourtney and Kim take Miami, Cougar Town, Go On, Rules of Engagement, and I'm just about to go and have a friends marathon with myself.

And speaking of friends, there's going to be a matteney reunion on Go On in three day!


So excited you have no idea.

Till next time.



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